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Anybody else got spam from ""?

Asked by Jack79 (11004points) October 5th, 2009

This message must be spam. It looks like a typical failure notification message and comes from “” but the original message is not something I sent from my hotmail any time recently (ie within the last decade). The content itself is clearly spam and the attachments could easily be viruses.

My actual question is: how can these people have an email account with that name? Aren’t names like “postmaster” already taken or blocked by Microsoft? Are they using some sort of mask on the name, or is it some back door they’ve discovered? Seems pretty malicious.

Also, is there someone I could inform of this? I’ve got my eyes open about such threats, and even I was almost fooled. So it seems pretty tricky.

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Yes, they’re masking the real address. Gmail has much better spam protection. It’s a hassle but I would recommend switching for that reason alone.

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Don’t believe anything you read in an email header. A 9-year-old can forge one. I agree with @JollyTiger ; use gmail and kick that spam magnet to the curb.

You can forward spams to if you’re civic-minded. I think there’s a link to report spam in the hotmail client, but you’re wasting your time.

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Yes, it is a very common trick.

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It’s astrochuck!

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Actually it sounds like someone sent spam forged with with Your return address (randomly) to a non-existent hotmail user, so you got the error when it bounced. Happens all the time, there’s nothing you can do about it.

As mentioned above, e-mail is like if the post office let everyone write anything they want on the envelope (including the “From:” address) and then on top, let you give them a list of people to deliver it to, that isn’t kept with the letter (the “BCC” list)

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You might want to check your computer for bots if you are getting spam junkmail returned to you that you did not send.
If hotmail has a “show original” function with full headers like gmail you can trace the path of the mail from but it is probably genuine.

Clean you computer!!

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I’d ramp up my spam blocker. I get little to no spam these days. It’s a beautiful world.

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