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Does anyone knows why when I dye my hair fluid comes out of my scalp?

Asked by Amazebyu (488points) September 21st, 2010

I went to get my hair retouched this weekend and for some reason after the hair session some sticky water starts coming out of my scalp this is usually a couple of hours later and it gets hard like a scab. when the hair color its in process I feel like it burns so I’m guessing is irritation? Is it dangerous? I’ve been dying my hair for over ten years but this recently started to happen. Perhaps I should change hairstylist?

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When you get a burn on your skin then oftentimes serum (blood and watery stuff) seeps out to cleanse the skin and help it heal. You probably have chemical burns all over your scalp.

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Eek, I don’t know but it doesn’t sound too good. I really don’t think it should be happening.

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You may have developed a sensitivity (or allergy) to the dye. I’m thinking you might want to do a skin patch test before you dye your hair again.

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It sounds like your skin is getting irritated to the point that lymphatic fluid (puss) is running. I can be caused by chemical burn or an allergic reaction. I’m queen of the scalp allergies and even certain shampoos and conditioners trigger this in me. You can put up with it, (and be sure to keep the sores clean so they heal quickly) or you could change to a more natural hair colouring technique like henna. I’m not sure if you’re bleaching your hair (lightening it) or just adding colour, but either process is pretty harsh. You could try using non-permanent hair colours and do it more often. (these are non-bleaching, so you can only go darker, not lighter) These colourants don’t use as harsh chemicals, but… as they name suggests, you’d have to use them every few weeks instead of 6 to 8 weeks.

Good luck, and I hope you heal quickly.

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You are most certainly having an allergic reaction to the chemicals. It will only get worse, so I would suggest you stop using this dye.
Do you come out in a rash anywhere else on your body?

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Lush hennas contain no mineral salts and have a cocoa butter base to help condition the hair if you do decide to henna your hair like @cazzie suggested. You could also try some of their scalp treatments like Hair Doctor, Snake Oil and Soak & Float. You can only buy Hair Doctor in store as it’s made Fresh and kept refrigerated.

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I have the exact same thing happen to me after I use a chemical straightner. I have been told by friends (and I believe) that it is a chemical burn. It happens more or in certain areas where I have scratched my scalp before the process. A couple of days before I use the straightner, I am very careful to not irritate my scalp. I try not to scratch, comb my scalp or pull my hair (i.e. tight ponytail etc.) This tends to minimize the burn. Also, I also try to apply scalp treatment before I process my hair. You would have to see what the dye recommends in regards to this. Maybe you could also speak to the hairstylist or even her boss…maybe you could leave the dye on for a little less time?

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I just had my hair colored today, and I think the Lady left me under the heat lamp a little too long. The top of my ears are burn and I have a patch on both sides of my head that feel like it is burning. When I run my hand through it. I get a sticky residue on my fingertips. I thought that she didn’t clean it well so I washed my hair again at home. It is still there, sticky and trying to create a scab. I am in such discomfort and need immediate relief. I don’t know what to do because I am so scared that my hair will fall out if I keep washing it. Any suggestions?

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Don’t wash, you are just going to keep irritating it. Cold compresses are really about the only thing you can do now.

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