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Has anyone seen Drew Barrymore in the new movie, Going the Distance?

Asked by dkranzberg (532points) September 22nd, 2010

I enjoyed the movie.
My question is about Drew Barrymore. Maybe it is just my imagination, but her face seems to have changed—the shape of her face is different. She looked younger. It don’t think it was just a good make up job either. Has she had cosmetic surgery?

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I have not seen the movie, but i have a comment about Drew Barrymore. she is one actor i have the most respect for. earlier in her life, she was a drug addict. she has been clean for many years and it shows in her commercials and movies. i back her all the way.

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No, but I lurve Drew Barrymore. For some reason I thought she was a lot older than Justin Long but she’s only 3 years older than him. Maybe it’s just because she’s been in so many more movies.

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Drew is 35, but looks like she’s 30, though her more soft, round facial features seem to be gone.

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I think weight loss can do that… Did she seem thinner?

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I don’t think she seemed thinner, except in the face.

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