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I recently was given a small private office at work. What are some novel suggestions for things to put in it?

Asked by diavolobella (7925points) September 22nd, 2010

I was recently given a small private office at work. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s mine-all-mine and I’m really pleased. I have all the standard office supply items and I think I’ve handled the decor (I’m big on vintage advertising and travel posters) fairly well too. I’m wondering though, if there are other interesting items, both practical as well as unusual, that you would suggest to make it more pleasant or functional. Do you or someone you know have something in their office that you thought was really cool or turned out to be really handy/enjoyable?

Bear in mind, there is no room for additional furniture. I’ve already brought in plenty of reading material. The only thing lacking I can think of at the moment is a fluffy pillow and a blanket, for those days when I’m tired or ill and want to nap on my lunch hour.(I can nap at work!! Oh joy of joys!)

I’ve love to hear your suggestions.

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Perhaps an alarm clock might be useful just in case you oversleep your lunch hour :)

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@partyparty That’s a good idea. I could see myself doing that.

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I would treat/decorate your office space as your home away from home.

Meaning, surround yourself with all the things you enjoy in your home environment.

Plants, bright artwork, maybe a little water feature, fountain, whatever makes it feel like a pleasant and happy place and facilitates a sense of calm and productivity.

Maybe even add a fish tank or something to keep your clients and yourself relaxed and amused.

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Do you have a pin board?

Make cool designs with different coloured thumbtacks.

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Great ideas, please keep them coming.

@Coloma. I do have a very nice betta fish named Linguini in my office. He is a very relaxing companion.

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Hah! I was going to suggest a Betta fish. My daughter just set up a cool little tank for hers and has got me thinking of a Betta in my space too. lol

Okay..well, then you need an office cat. haha

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Having this on your desk will provide endless enjoyment.

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@rpmpseudonym. Okay, that is reallllly cool.

I think I need something with Dr. Jelly on it. He’s pretty cute.

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Things from ThinkGeek.

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A trash fire, just to be different. jk

You could get one of those little gadgets with metal balls that bang back and fourth, just to hypnotize anyone you are tying to manipulate in to doing something.

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Give the furniture set-up some time to see what is working and what isn’t. I ended up moving mine around and took some teasing from co-workers about going with a non-traditional style. Several ended up following suit.
* Is there wall space outside of your office for a filing cabinet? I moved mine out for storing materials I didn’t need a fingertip touch away. Anything that was used frequently stayed in the desk or a bookshelf.
* If you do a lot of brain-storming, a large white-board comes in handy. I found one that had doors that shut and held flip chart pads on the inside of the doors…great for brain-storming sessions.
* Is the office on the 1st floor or do you windows that open? A bird feeder outside is nice.
* An area rug or wall tapestry adds a personal touch.

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@Pied Pfeffer. No filing cabinets needed inside the office. Unfortunately there are no windows and I’m on the 3rd floor. I like the whiteboard idea a lot! I have added a very nice area rug and I really like how it looks. Thanks!

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Here is an example of one that was similar to mine. If you ever show videos or slides, the screen can come in handy. My office was small enough that we just showed them on the flat-top computer screen. And if you do get one, make sure that whoever hangs it doesn’t do so too high for writing or viewing while sitting down.

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@Pied Pfeffer. Thanks!

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My favorite decoration was a nice looking, warm oriental run.

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I have a mini fridge in my office and LOVE it. The price on them has gone below $100.

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Hotel Austinlad ey?

Martini’s on the lunch hour. lol

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@YARNLADY Arrggggh, run = rug

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Hah! I thought you meant ‘runner.’ lol

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I think you need a very fun wall clock. Maybe something like this or one of these.

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If your walls are drywall, there is dry erase wall covering that you can put up that will turn a whole length of wall into a white board.

In an office without windows, a lamp of some sort is always nice.

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Thanks everyone for all the great answers!

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Waitwaitwait… no windows? That’s more like a cell!
Get a nice poster of the outdoors. Put in some incandescent lamps to simulate yourself some sunlight.

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@Nullo. Yep, no windows. It’s an inside office. The building as a whole is really beautiful. It’s on the National Register of Historic Places and was used as a hospital during the Civil War. I’ve even got a copy of a photo taken at that time showing wounded soldiers and nurses standing on the wooden exterior stairs that existed at that time. Sadly for me, only the bigwigs get the outside offices with the cool exposed original brick walls, fireplaces and view of the river. Still, I am a happy clam in my little cell.

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