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Does having dark circles under my eyes have anything to do with my period?

Asked by julietmo (15points) September 23rd, 2010

today is my first day in period whats weird is that I have never had dark circles under my eyes but last week it started to apear ,and i sleep well .I just don’t know why have these circles started apearing ? so do you think that the period have any thing to do with them ?

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I’ve never heard of a correlation; ususlly it’s just lack of sleep. It may have something to do generally with the onset of puberty, though.

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Dark circles can be caused, by as @janbb says lack of sleep, but also not enough iron in your diet, allergies, high blood pressure, various hereditary causes, or even touching the face and eyes too much. It is essentially caused when the veins below the thin skin under the eyes become more prominent for any reason.

Sleep, allergy treatment, and iron supplements will be your best bet to treat the cause. If you want to treat the symptoms immediately the “cucumbers on eyes” thing you have probably seen a million times on TV works well, as well as cool (put them in the fridge for a few minutes), used tea bags.

To answer your question your period may influence a lot of these factors, most notably iron levels and blood pressure.

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See answers above.Or maybe it’s all part of the demonic pms look that I have come to know and cherish with myself ;) get some sleep!

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I don’t know how old you are, but I inherited a propensity for dark circles from my mom, and they didn’t really show up until I was going through puberty.

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If what katexyz says about dark circles being caused by a lack of iron is true, then yes it could be due to your period as women lose a lot of iron in their menstrational blood. I would recommend to sleep more than usual and eat more iron which can be found in meat or cereal.

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If I were you I would definitely look into allergy possibilities.

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@poofandmook i think the same is happening to me because my mother inherted them from my grand mother and iam going through puberty . Do they still exist ?

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my circles have lightened a bit, I think, but if I go even one night with too little sleep, I look like a raccoon lol

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@poofandmook i look like one right now :P

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@julietmo: if you can find one of those refrigerated gel eye masks, those help a lot. At least, they helped me. Also, find a good under eye concealer. The combination of the two did wonders for me

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@poofandmook i will thanks for your help

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I was just listening to a doctor speak about dark circles the other day. They have to do with the blood vessels under your eyes, just like katexyz said. Definitely try the cold cucumber or gel mask. Also, you can try Preparation H gently applied under the eye. I don’t use a concealer as they tend to be too dry for the eye area but I do have a lighter color liquid foundation I apply. I am in my thirties and tend to need it daily.

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