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How would you describe your dream vacation?

Asked by Deja_vu (4157points) September 24th, 2010

Forget money, work, anything… purely fantasy. What is you dream vacation??? Go wild!
Have you already had you dream vacation? (details??)
Is it time for your dream vacation, and why?

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Right here

…...And would conveniently forget my return ticket home.

I would love to go here but it is way out my price range…but a girl can dream can’t she?

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This is my dream vacation in Fiji.

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A long vacation in India with my SO. The country is filled with fascinating history and culture. In addition to the traditional tourist stops, I’d want to attend some of the festivals, such as Diwali, as well as a traditional wedding. It would include a trip down the Ganges River, stopping at various villages in order to experience a more realistic side.

Why? My partner has been there before and wants to go back. I’ve worked with many Indians and love hearing their tales of growing up there. We both like to learn about history and culture, and an ideal vacation feeds this and prefer exploring until exhausted.

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@Pied_Pfeffer My sister is in India for three weeks right now.

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I’ve had it. A mini road trip around America which was topped off by seeing Cher in concert with my favourite fella! My only wish was that we had more time to see more of the States.

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I would like to take a large RV and travel all over the United States, eating out whenever I want, accompanied by my grandsons (the three adult ones and the two toddlers).

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We would rent a gorgeous, secluded house 20 feet from the bay in Hawaii.
We could have anything to eat or drink, delivered. We’d spend the days snorkeling and just playing in the water. There would be a road near the house where we could ride bikes to our choice of open air cafes that serve incredible seafood, cocktails and sushi. The road would have a Private Road sign and a big iron gate we could operate from the house. I think of the house in “Leaving Las Vegas” as the perfect place.

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