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What are your methods for dealing with unwarranted not to say unwanted attention from a drunk?

Asked by ucme (46319points) September 24th, 2010

Yeah, say you’re on the train or bus. Or maybe out shopping or a drunken person simply crosses your path whilst you’re out & about. Not the violent drunks, just those really annoying won’t take no for an answer types.

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I interact briefly, and loudly, eg “YES, IT IS A NICE DRESS ISN’T IT?” as I firmly walk away…

Or, if I am not in a situation where I can’t walk away, I just give a half-hearted half-smile, a backwards nod, and look out the window…

If they’re really persistant, I will have a conversation, but again, loudly… quite interesting people some of them :-)

I’m sounding like this happens to me a lot, ha ha! I am someone that makes eyecontact with people, and generally quite smiley so I guess I must seem approachable!

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Leave or ask people with them to intervene. That’s all you can do as drunks cannot be reasoned with.

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I didn’t really know there was a method. Like @marinelife you can’t reason with someone that intoxicated, if being blunt doesn’t work I do my best to physically get out of the situation or I ask someone else to intervene if necessary.

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I lure them back to my basement.

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Keep walking. They might think you’re rude. But they won’t remember anyway.

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I tell them I’m on my way to an A.A. meeting and ask them if they’d like to come along. That sends them scurrying away.

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I hug them until they get scared and wobble away ;)

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Engage them in conversation as if they were sober. Pay acute attention to what they are saying. Ask them questions about aspect of what they have said as if you hadn’t quite heard them. Ask them for explanations about very specific details about what they are saying. All the while maintaining an air of extreme interest in them. Interrupt them repeatedly with a sincere look on your face. Ask for directions to obscure places. Ask if they know about an obscure fact. “My friend was saying that…...I wonder if you know….”.

They will soon think that you are too much like hard work and leave you alone.

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YEAH, I don’t remember this happening to me in over twenty years!

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I just walk off, they usually don’t follow very long, but they can sling insults at you as you go.

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well I would either calm the situ,or drink more

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