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Do you believe that the crazies come out on a full moon or a full moon has special powers?

Asked by Frenchfry (7564points) September 24th, 2010

I think it’s a full moon tonight. Ooo Spooky.

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No. No I do not think that.

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We are mostly water and the moon pulls on that remember?? yes, it does something to us… some more than others. I think that depends on how dehydrated you are? hehe If you have any doubts just ask a medic or mental health counselor, wait… i was a mental health counselor. Yes, I believe it does have an affect on us.

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@gravity Really WOW I thought that was myth. Learn something new everyday.

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I don’t think planets or moons nearby affect our moods, whatsoever.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Oh, so you don’t believe in astrology then? Cmon, that’s irrefutable!

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@cockswain Irrefutable! It’s so irrefutable, it’s made up.

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Irrefutable is a four-letter word. Let’s leave it aside.

I don’t think that there’s any significant effect at all. I think that there’s a lot of confirmation bias in the observations supporting it. I also believe (close to know) that any facts meant to be evidence in support of it are anecdotal in nature, and not really from objective experimentation or observation.

But I think that there are instances of it – but attributable more to a self-fulfilling prophecy rather than an actual causal relationship.

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I think because is brighter out that people feel more comfortable staying out late and doing stupid things

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I really don’t know if the full moon causes people to do things that are not rational, but I do remember my last husband (he was a cop) talking about how often people do really crazy stuff when the moon is full – he said they could always count on being much busier when the moon was full. Personally, I have difficulty in getting a good night’s sleep when the moon is full – so by the time the moon begins to wane, I am really very tired.

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@Linda_Owl Hospital workers say this too but I think it’s all about the power of suggestion – people attribute this to the full moon but other times they’re just as busy.

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No, I think it’s confirmation bias.
…a tendency for people to favor information that confirms their preconceptions or hypotheses regardless of whether the information is true

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I think people presume to see more unusual activities during a full moon than other days because it has been put on their minds that a full moon brings out weird/freaky behavior. Whether its true or not (IMO) the day/night is what it is all the time.

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I think any event that offers people free or cheap booze/beer will attract more crazies than any phase of the moon.

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I can’t link any sources, but I remember reading that the increase in light is stimulating, therefore increases adrenaline output in tired people, which makes them more active. After years as a bartender, I can tell you it does affect the way people act when they’re out. It’s very much like they’ve already had a couple of drinks before they start.

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I think it’s a myth. I think there are crazies out all the time.

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I was a nonbeliever, before I worked night shift in a hospital. . . . .I’m a believer. Some times we got so we’d ask for a stretch of 3 days off, The day before, day of full moon and the day after,to get a break! There is less staff on nights & it could really be rough!

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@zzc : I once bartended a shift that was a friday, full moon, St Patty’s Day. Ambulances were called to send revelers your way! sorry

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Uh ha, see what I mean!

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