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Do you think NASA faked the moon landings in the 60's?

Asked by sarapnsc (1439points) September 16th, 2008

I recall watching a documentary on this…and I am not even sure anymore…if it’s true! Do you think it is a coincidence that we haven’t been back to the moon since? I can’t figure out why they would fake it.

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No. You’re an idiot if you do.

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they would fake it to beat the russians ofcourse, it was THE big race,the arms race and the space race, but i don’t think they faked it, at least, the was too much to be gained from actually to going to fake it

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and we’ve been back six times.

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No, but I think conspiracy theorists fake having brains.

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Yes, I think it was faked. If there was such a big race to get there, why didnt Russia ever go?

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Yes, I do
I also believe the world is flat and that Elvis is alive and hanging out with Bruce Lee.

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yeah, and 2pac and biggie are drinking coctails together in the carribean…

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Good question, but stupid answers…

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No. See the Mythbusters’ recent episode on this subject.

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Thanks Pupn….I seen that too…just thought it was an interesting question to post, wanted to know others thoughts. Thanks again!

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no, I don’t think it was faked.

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i was thining about asking this question the other dayy, you beat me to it.
but yes, i do think it was fake, and maybe we have been there six times, but i don’t think we went the first time, we just had to beat russia.
i could go on forever about this.

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See this movie, when you get the chance: CAPRICORN ONE

More information on this is here

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Saw Capricorn One (James Brolin is a hottie in it), so it makes me wonder why US couldn’t fake it.

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@jackadams, thanks for the sites…

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I am guessing that the probable reason why the government could NOT fake a lunar landing, is simply because there are too many privately-owned telescopes all over this planet, that could have observed a genuine lunar landing, and the government can’t control them.

In order to fake a lunar landing, every major telescope observation post would have had to have been under USA control.

(You are very welcome for the sites.)

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@JackAdams: exactly.

Many other countries tracked the moon landing with their equipment and congratulated the US. It wasn’t faked. Get over it.

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@ljs22, no one has to get over it…it’s a simple question…everyone has a right to their opinion and their beliefs…this is a discussion/answer board….not everyone has to agree, and their is no reason to be rude.

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Two answers here:
1. No, I do not believe it was faked.
2. Rude is not cool.

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The idea that “everyone has a right to their beliefs” does not extend to pure simple fact. It is a fact that 2 + 2 = 4. People who “believe” that 2 + 2 = 5 should expect to be told they’re wrong, and to be rebuked as idiots if they continue to purport the “belief”.

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We don’t call each other idiots here.

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@sarapnsc It is my humble opinon that it was faked. i don’t see that getting rude is the way to discuss things on this board either. I dont happen to agree with ljs22 either, but each to his own belief. For every answer for man landing on the moon, there is a counter answer as to why he really didnt.

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@MrItty…it may be fact, but give people a chance to have the facts in front of them, like JackAdams & Pupntaco, gave websites for others to read and to help the discussion and educate themselves.
People are not idiots, they may just not know the facts, the truth, or be educated in that area. It doesn’t mean they are stupid/idiots, or whatever arrogant and pompous names people want to call them. IT’S RUDE, PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Pupntaco g

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I am through with this, I am not here to educate in manners….all have fun with the question and the sites that were given to read.

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A dangerous trend today is the misguided belief that all opinions are equal and its co-misguided belief that everything is a matter of opinion.

The lunar landing was not faked. It is a historical fact that occurred.

@chyna It is ignorant and wrong to say “For every answer for man landing on the moon, there is a counter answer as to why he really didnt.” That is simply not true.

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Well said, Marina. I would equate all opinions being equal with people who feel that intelligent design should be taught in science class along side evolution.
Not trying to start anything. I promise.

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there was a very interesting French documentary that I saw recently. When I am at my computer I will try to find the link. It had interviews with many in NASA and the govt. Including Donald Rumsfeld. What they suggested was that the lunar landings did in fact happen as we all know to be true. The interesting twist that the film reveals is that their was a contingency plan in place. If the mission had failed we would have never known. The govt decided the space race was do essential to winning the cold war that they were secretly working out a contingency plan. If. The thought was that the sound bites and video were just as important as the actual mission- so they set plans in motion to fabricate it if the actual feeds weren’t usable. They claim that Rumsfeld had a relationship with Stanley Kubrick(who was at the time filming 2001) dating back to when the govt allowed Kubrick pentagon access for the filming of Dr. Strangelove. Kubrick supposedly owed rumsfeld a favor and was talked into overseeing the production on his soundstage.
I am still skeptical of this theory but the interviews are pretty interesting.

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Everyone needs to realize that when something happens, no matter what it is, someone, somewhere, will just refuse to believe that it really happened.

I, for one, saw something happen, several years ago, and a friend of mine said to me, “You saw that happen right in front of you! You can’t deny that it happened! You were SOBER! It happened, and you SAW IT!”

I looked my friend right in the eye and said to him, as calmly as I could, “Yes, I’m sober, and wide awake, and I’m sitting right next to you, here in broad daylight. But respectfully, to you and everyone else who saw exactly the same thing that you and I both saw, with our own eyes, I just refuse to believe what I saw, and no amount of arguing with me, is ever gonna convince me that that guy sawed that woman in half, and then put her back together again!”

I still think, to this day, that it was some kind of trick or illusion.

People just don’t get sawed in half every day, you know. It MUST have been faked!

I’d bet money that it was…

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All I have to say is: I fucking hope not.

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Here is the Link i mentioned above:
Dark Side Of the Moon

I’m not saying i’m convinced (even with the list of notables interviewed)...but it is an interesting take on the conspiracy theory.
what do you guys think?

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“It is finally revealed that this is a mockumentary as the end credits roll over a montage of blooper reels, with the main participants laughing over the absurdity of their lines or questioning if particular ones would give the joke away too soon.”

-What Wikipedia says about the aforementioned “documentary”. Sorry MarcisMyHero.

I suggest you watch In the Shadow of the Moon, the real thing. Could you watch and listen to those astronauts and still believe that it was faked?

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@mritty 2+2 does equal 5 for extremely large values of 2.

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@shrubbery… thanks for the wiki reference.

i didnt realize it was mockumentary. I have never doubted that we landed on the moon, but i did find the idea of a backup “insurance” plan both interesting and plausible considering how important the space race was to the country at the time.

I’m looking forward to watching the Ron Howard film!

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MarcIsMyHero, that’s fair enough, and I can see how it is fairly plausible. I wouldn’t have realised it was a mockumentary either except that I remembered incorrectly and thought In the Shadow of the Moon was called Dark Side of the Moon so when I started to watch your link I got confused and looked it up on Wikipedia :P

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I think it was real. I also have read that they saw aliens during that mission and the goverment covered it up. Just do a little research on the web and you willl read some interesting things about it.

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Aye! It was real!

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As an individual with many family members involved with NASA over many years I offer you the following:

Get fucking real.

This question is insulting.

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