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What question(s) take you from calm to pissed off, spitting mad in under 5 seconds?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) September 24th, 2010

What issue or questions can make you go from calm and civil to pissed off, fire breathing, lava smoldering, hot as a pistol mad in 3.5 seconds or less? It seems from my experience, my questions and following others, that there are certain questions or issues that just irks the heck out of some people, here are some not in any certain order I have seen that 80% is like shooting off Roman candles in a hay barn:

• Believe in God
• Atheism
• Abortion
• Bush vs. Clinton
• Obama’s White House
• Crime and punishment
• School Vouchers
• Taxing the rich –more than they are now—.

Those are just a few I see people who are calm and collected on other questions just go ape s***, when one of those come up. Which is yours? What question(s) you just can’t see with out having a knee jerk reaction and going off like a powder keg atop a stack of dynamite?

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Condoning pedophilia, which I’ve actually seen a few times on this site.

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Something condescending about atheists or feminists. And something against abortion.

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Animal cruelty. My heartbeat goes up just reading the question. I get mad to think anyone can hurt animals, particularly dogs.

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No issues do that to me. Responses, or arguments, for or against them, won’t generally either. However, adherence to those arguments when there’s nothing productive about doing so will send me clawing up the walls…at least on the inside.

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None. I ignore the bullshit. Fuck. That. Shit. Life is too goddamn short to be wasted being angry. People annoy me on here, like your silly saying you put on EVERY response but it doesn’t phase me. I’m flying too high to let bullshit bring me down.

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Nothing. It takes a lot to get me angry.

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making fun of religion

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Probably something to do with homosexuality, in particular when people try to justify homophobia through “science”. “Oh, they get AIDS, therefore we should hate them”. Something along those lines.

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Questions and answers that support stereotypes and generalizations.

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I don’t like those Atheist questions that are actually just subtly disguised statements that reflect the ’‘asker’s’’ opinion of atheism.

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The subject of questions don’t piss me off…..any topic is open to discussion. I can only hope that the discussion is handled in a way where jellies are shown respect and allowed to give their honest opinions without flame baiting or personal attacks. Loaded questions that express prejudice in the guise of seeking open and honest opinion piss me off on any subject, even if I happen to support the position. Those are not questions but soap boxes and don’t belong here.
See ya….Gary/wtf

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Questions that try to claim that spanking isn’t the same as hitting.

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Have you got your fence yet?
Have you come to an agreement with your neighbors?

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Homophobia and racism.

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Nothing. Except arguments against eradicating humanity.

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Questions related to cancer seem to fire people up (including myself).

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here, have a loli

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No subject makes me angry out of hand. What does make me angry are the way those subjects are handled by some people. Bullshit, in general, pisses me off.

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No lava smoldering here.

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Threads that annoy and run me off are ones in which one person puts down another for not not agreeing with his/her belief (or even just an opinion) on topics which, in my view, no one has the right to claim absolute authority or knowledge… like the existence of God.

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Questions that aren’t really questions, just statements looking for validation that have a question mark at the end. Note: It’s not the validation-seeking that pisses me off, it’s that they phrase it in a way that purports to want discussion, only to flip out at anyone who doesn’t give them the answer they wanted.

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I don’t think any questions really get me mad. There are things that annoy me, but not enough to actually start spitting.

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There is one person whose questions create an image of dumbness beyond belief that I cannot believe they are able to function in the real world. I can’t read them anymore.

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Don’t get mad, get even. Yay, an all time hall of fame cliche :¬)

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Well, I was fine until I saw the question about Achmendineja-whatever.

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@Austinlad – ditto and ga.

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What @DrasticDreamer said and condoning animal cruelty. People justifying poor behavior using religion.

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I wouldn’t say I ever get spitting mad, I’m older and more relaxed these days, but, aside from the animal cruelty thoughts what most angers me are rude, obnoxious, bullying people, liars and hypocrites.

I quickly cull these types from my happy little herd. lol

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Billies on Fluther? Shut the front door! Hey Joe, say it ain’t so….

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