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How would you change copyright law?

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Maybe I was a little too cursory on my skimming but what does the link have to do with copyright law?

One of us is up way past our bedtime, I’m just not sure whether it’s you or me. :)

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Abolish it.

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@lillycoyote Nothing whatsoever. I am saying that the body of my question is in the title; I have nothing more to add.

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@ragingloli I know you are perfect and infallible and that you have just issued an edict regarding copyright law: “Abolish it!” and that should simply be that, end story. But… if I may be so bold… do you have any particular reason or reasons why copyright law should be abolished as opposed to other possible options which would include either reforming copyright laws or simply leaving them as they are?

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I would get rid of DMCA’s because its just too east to abuse. i would stop S.3804 the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act from passing, because it will be too easy to abuse. and both of these things are really only designed to give big record labels more power.

I would pass a new law, saying that once you have made $10.000.000 profit on any given copyrighted thing, that you no longer own it and that it is now public domain. if you spend 50 million to make a movie, as soon as you earn 60 million, its public domain. if 10 million bucks is not enough for you, hard luck.

I would extend fair use laws, so that people who make parodies or content critical of the original content can use more of the content they are criticizing or parodying before they are in breach of copyright.

I would pass laws saying, that if you as the owner publish your content to the internet in any shape or form, that it is automatically public domain.

I would pass laws, saying that big companies are not allowed to sue individuals for massive amounts of money just to try to make an example out of them. for example, sony cant take a 12 year old kid to court for $1.000.000 because he/she downloaded 2000 mp3s, just so they can hope they can scare others out of downloading music.

Another kind or relative thing, I would make it so that you have to read the EULA and TOS to a software before you are allowed to buy it. no more paying $500 for a bit of software before you find out how you are allowed to use it.

EDIT: oh yea, i would pass laws so that search engines are not responsible for linking you to thinks that are in breach of copyright.

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