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Where can I get games and applications for a TI83/TI83 Plus?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19026points) September 26th, 2010

The last time I had one of the calculators, I remember that everyone else had tons of games and apps for it. Now I have one again, and I wanna play Frogger and Tetris! Maybe have a memo pad, too… So where do I find these things?

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Vortico's avatar has pretty much the largest database anywhere. Select your calculator type, and your preferred medium (flash run the fastest and have the most games I believe).

For the TI83, you’ll need a TI Connectivity Kit to connect via USB to your computer. TI84s have this built-in.

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Some are here

Directions on how to download from

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You need to download the Mirage OS. Most games run on that platform.

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@weeveeship You don’t need MirageOS to play some games, but yes, many run on this. To avoid launching a third-party shell every time you want to play a game or run an application, install NoShell into your memory. This allows Basic, ASM, MirageOS, Ion, or archived programs to be launched directly from the program menu.

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@Vortico Interesting. Thanks for the info.

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You could also write your own games or handy utilities and run them on your calculator using the PRGM button (as I recall).

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@camertron Do I need the cable for that? It’s not here yet.

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@papayalily no not at all. You can do all calculator programming right on the device itself. It’s kinda hard to write games, but my brother and I used to write handy functions all the time, like computing the quadratic formula, etc. There’s a pretty good beginner’s guide to TI-83 programming here.

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