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Who's a member of your fan club?

Asked by janbb (54005points) September 26th, 2010

I just got off the phone with my younger son after staying overnight with my elder this weekend. I was thinking how much love and support I get from each of them and how much being with them can lift me up when I am down. Some friendships and other relationships have disappointed me lately and it’s great to have these two pals. Who’s on your team?

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You are! And many other wonderful people on Fluther and elsewhere…specifically, Alex and my best friend and people at the CounterPublic Collective, to which I belong.

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My friends, my husband and my kids.

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3 very close friends and my kids

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For a reason most young kids from people i know (friends, ex-girlfriend, neighbours) like me/love me and they show it with their hugs and smiles.
Besides the love i get from my sweet girlfriend that is really all i need to feel grande.

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A lot of people… all of whom I am incredibly thankful for.

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Just as a clarifier, I also have a number of great friends on my team, but I am feeling particularly grateful for my sons right at the moment.

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Family, friends, my girlfriend and some jellies.

Oh, and my students. Rumor has it that many were pretty happy about getting Ms. Mama Cakes for third grade this year.

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@mama_cakes I wanna be your third grade student!

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@janbb Your desk it at the front, so, that I can keep an eye on you. You and PD. ;-)

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My daughter, my daughter, my daughter and some very dear (and patient) friends.
Edit to add; And let’s not forget the Jellies who lurved me up to 5K ! Thanks, all!

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@mama_cakes You’d better separate us because we are gonna be soooo bad!

Derailing my own thread – how low can you get?

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I have some very good friends who keep callng and yanking me out of the dark hole I know I would sink into if it weren’t for them. They make sure they come by every week, invite me to dinner or lunch, or just stop by with pizza. Oh, and how can I forget the two different friends who have taken me on vacation with them 3 times this year and refuse to let me pay for a thing. Losing my job has shown me what great friends and family I have.

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A guy called fernando. I have known him for about 19 years now, the moment I first met him I knew we would always be good friends. and friend is not really the correct word either. his sense of humor is very much like mine, his interests are the same. but it’s much deeper, like, not only are his interests the same as mine, but in the same proportions. his personality is almost a clone of mine. The best way to describe our behavior when we are together is “we are borg”. its almost like sharing a mind, except there are very subtle and interesting key points where we disagree. and there is an element of competition.

I only get to see him about 1ce a week 6 months out of the year because of work and things, but its always great to be in his company.

a friend will help you move house, a good friend will help you move a corpse

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I am not sure that I have any members of a fan club.
I don’t have a lot of support in my life

I have friends, but none come to mind when I think of this question.

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@wilma, I’d support you, if I could!

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My three best friends from high school. Short of murder, I think they would support me through anything. This is based on the fact that they have supported me through many things. Nancy, Monica, Rita – I LOVE YOU!

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My best friend of 25 years.
One of my co workers.
My dog.

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Actually, my immediate family and a few friends. Anyone in today’s world is very lucky to have family that loves you and a few friends.

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Congrats to @Neizvestnaya….10,000+

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Add @BoBo1946 to my fan club, thanks for all the lurve :)

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Add me to @BoBo1946‘s fan club. He knows why.

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love ya…friends make this life worth living.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard thanks honey, I needed that.

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My boyfriend and my mother

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My best friend Jessica. She’s the only one, but she’s also a one man army. Don’t need nobody else.

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I am lucky enough to say I have many people in my fan club, but because I am the president of their fan clubs :D

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My boyfriend, my best friends, my parents, brothers, relatives. Hard to narrow it down, they all really love me for some odd reason. :P

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Just my cat Inky, and only because I feed her.

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My husband and kid. Some jellies I have met and others I have met on other sites.

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Town Dog!!!

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I have a few good people I’ve coerced… er, convinced to be my friends.
I used to have one more but they just don’t make leather restraints like they used to.

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Family, close friends (a few are jellies) and my love.

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My staff.

They would kill for me. :-)

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^Must be a great boss.

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I’m a member of the OP’s fanclub. President.

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