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Have you ever observed a faith healer or faked a healing by one?

Asked by Aster (18947points) September 26th, 2010

I’m mainly speaking of you or a stranger being touched or hit on the forehead by a minister. But there are other means by which one can be healed allegedly. What were your experiences if you care to share? (I’ve seen the Benny Hinn healing vids on youtube)

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About 20 or so years ago there was a “faith” healer on a local channel here. He would get people that were in wheelchairs and yank them out of the chair and proclaim they were healed. People would get up and say they had cancer and he would smack them on the back and something looking suspiciously like chicken liver would fly out of their mouth and they would faint. What made this worse was a man I worked with was one of the “catchers”, the guy that stood behind the fainters. He was an older man and I truly think he believed it all.

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LOL “Yanked? Smacked? Chicken liver?” Hilarious! I wish I had been there.

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Only on TV.

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Just on tv. They are all phonies. Same with most tv psychics. Just pick a name out of the hat with information each person already filled out about themselves.

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Lotsa times.

No, I’ve never been healed by one. And neither has anyone else I’ve ever known, though we’ve had eleventy billion faith healers through my old church in the 15 years I attended.

There was one that I remember distinctly that thought himself some kind of Jesus Psychic. He’d call people up one by one and “prophesy” their ailments, then pray for them. It was nice and easy when they were, say, wearing hearing aids. Anyone else he called “low blood anemic”, and said “you probably haven’t heard it from your doctor, but you’re tired a lot, and that means low blood”. Yeah. Raise your hand if you’re tired! Congratulations, you’re all anemic. ^_^

The same guy loved to pray for the girls in the youth group (12 to 24 years old). He put his hands on one girl and said something along the lines of “You need to stop worrying when that man is going to come into your life! Focus on GAAAAHD ALMIGHTY!” Then she turned her hand around so he could see her wedding ring, and pointed to her hugely pregnant belly. I about died laughing.

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