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Is it true that the original owner of McDonalds restaurant was once homeless?

Asked by silky1 (1507points) September 26th, 2010

Someone told me that today and I’ve never heard it before.

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Not sure, but during WWI, he and Walt Disney were in ambulance training together.


No it is not. Apparently, the owners were Richard and Maurice McDonald. They left New Hampshire after graduating from high school, then moved to California where they worked for Columbia Studios for a period, then a theater opening. They finally decided they wanted to go into the restaurant business, so they opened their first hamburger stand in 1937, near the Santa Anita racetrack. What a wise move, huh?

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@MRSHINYSHOES yeah, and then they let some other guy, Ray Kroc, in who completely took it over and made it the franchise it is today. Not such a wise move, huh?

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I spoke to Joan Kroc about a biz. matter when I lived in San Diego years ago, they lived in La Jolla.

She was nice, he was already dead. lol

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no, Patrick McDonald owner the AIRDOME Restaurtanst in Monrovia Ca.and his two sons Maurice and Richard started their own hamburger joint called McDonalds in San Bernadino California. The man who sold the malt machines to Maurice and Richard his name Ray Kroc, bought the brothers out and started franchising McDonalds.


@Winters I guess not! Egads. I didn’t know that. You got me there! :(

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