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What is the best sports play you have ever seen?

Asked by whothei0 (223points) September 26th, 2010

what is the best play out of all sports you have ever seen. you did have to be in person. just give a simple description and a video (if it exists). just curious what other peoples favorites are.

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The only good one I was present for was a botch. Tampa Bay Rays vs. ... fuck if I remember who. Pittsburg, maybe. Anyway, easy fly ball to left center. Both fielders are running for the ball, smash headfirst into each other, and fall on the ground cold. Ball hits the ground – two RBIs.

I was shocked. Like, “You get paid five million dollars a year and you can’t say ‘I got it’?”

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I was there.

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Sadly, I can only post someone else’s best sports play. Yes, I saw it, but my heart was broken in an instant and has never really fully recovered, even with subsequent victories. The 1993 Phillies were my boys. So this someone else’s best sports play, not mine. :-(

Edit: I missed the part about having to be there in person. Then that would have to be when two members of the Portland Beavers staff (Portland, OR minor league team) came up into the stands and one sat down on my friend Ronnie’s right side and one sat down on his left side and tried to calm him down because he was just this shy of being thrown out of the stadium because he was outrageously drunk, had a big goddam potty mouth and was heckling the players non-stop and without mercy. We were all embarrassed but were also glad the staff took the diplomatic approach. Ronnie calmed down, didn’t get thrown out and we enjoyed the rest of the game. That’s the best sports moment I have witnessed personally. Best I’ve got. It was too late to delete my answer so I had to scramble for a ninth inning edit save.

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@Rarebear – that was a great moment in college FB!

The final drive, USC vs. UCLA 1990
1993 Toronto, Carter winning the “World” Series (yep, I was there too, about 12 rows up from first base)
– My second favorite F1 pass of all time – insane!

The consequences in 130R… the balls, against the 5x reigning world champion Michal Schumacher no less – the best driver who ever lived. The announcer says Alonso has “nothing to lose”, the twit – yeah, except for his LIFE, which is a sure thing if rubber hits rubber in that turn. Alonso went on to win the championship that year, taking the title away from Michael.

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Probably Benji’s try against the Sharks back in 2005.

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The Music City Miracle play of the Titans on the last play of the game, that was a huge winner for the Titans.

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Willie Mays’ catch in the World Series in 1954 would be considered one of the best.

This video gives 5 of the best. Also, the Music City Miracle is one of them mentioned.

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This! I mean, just wow!!

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@ipso You were there? In Toronto 1993? Did you see my post above? I knew that was somebody’s best sports moment but it was my worst. It broke my heart

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@lillycoyote, yep, that’s why I said “too”. I was working on a project in Toronto and a partner gave us last second surprise tickets to reward us for project work. I hadn’t been to any baseball game in a few years (and I’m a Padres fan), so it was completely wasted on me. Riots in the streets, cars turned over after – crazy. In fact, I didn’t even know they were reigning champs. By the commotion I assumed it was the first time Canada had won a “World” Series since everyone was going so crazy. So kind of lame, but I was there nontheless.

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@ipso Oh. I really need to start reading every word people post instead just randomly selected ones. :-)

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