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Where can I find profile pictures of humans? What if I have a front view of a person, how would I get the side view picture of it?

Asked by f4a (601points) June 24th, 2010

Is there a software that could be used to be able to get a side view picture of a existing front view picture?

Or do you sites where they give front and side pictures? (of famous people)?

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RE: The software – there isn’t anything available that will do that of which I’m aware. It would be too much supposition on the computer program’s part, and I don’t see any ways for a computer program to be able to infer one scene (a profile view) from a completely different view (a full-front view). There’s just too much difference, and too much that a computer would have to be able to assume that they just aren’t capable of doing.

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No. You have to photograph from all angles and stitch together.

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Oh, it’s definitely possible. Fraught with error, of course, but it depends on what your standards and requirements are.

Unfortunately to get usable results, you need so much detailed technical info, it’d’ve been way easier just to get a second profile photo in the first place.

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Here’s a site with over 27,000 “side face” stock image photos:

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@robmandu – if it’s ‘fraught with error’, why bother?

My intent was that I don’t believe that there’s a program that can do it reliably or with any accuracy. And if it doesn’t do what’s intended (reliably and with accuracy), then it’s not really possible at all, is it? You aren’t getting what you expected, you’re getting something else.

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If your expectation is perfection, I agree, @wyrenth. However, if your needs require less than perfection, then having some visual representation of the extrapolation might be of some utility.

But hey, don’t ask me. It’s the researchers at Eastman Dental Institute, University College London, UK that have done the investigation I linked before. ;-)

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If you don’t want to take photos yourself, then a Stock Photo Agency is usually the best bet. You pay a nominal fee to license each photo for use. They will have photos of all kinds of people, from real arty stuff to models, business people, every imaginable profession, kids, babies, etc. And for lots of the models, they will have multiple poses and views. Try and see if they have what you are seeking.

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