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Do you have a concealed carry permit?

Asked by josie (29791points) September 27th, 2010

When I was in the service, I got real used to carrying and shooting firearms. So, when I came back to the world, and my state allowed it, I got a concealed carry permit.

Now let me be clear. I do NOT walk around the streets of my fair city with my Beretta strapped to my ankle or in a holster in the small of my back.

I just wanted the permit. Maybe in case I had to go to some dangerous place to rescue my kids after they partied too much or something like that. But mostly just because….

Does your state allow concealed carry?
Do you have a permit?
Why not?

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no helpful answer, here, I just love your topic words.

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Uh – no. I’ve never even seen a real gun in my life.

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I don’t have one. I’m not afraid.

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I don’t have one. However my state has a cc permit that allows folks to carry concealed guns anywhere in the state. I think there was an attempt by Philadelphia to make it illegal, but the courts said they couldn’t do that. There’s a discussion over here about whether you can carry on college campuses.

I don’t have a permit because I don’t need one. I don’t own a gun.

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My state (Ohio) does allow concealed carry. I don’t have a permit. Why not? Because I don’t feel that I need it at this time. We do own a handgun, as well as firearms for hunting purposes, but I don’t know how to use any of them. And I’m not sure I could shoot someone anyway. Maybe if my life depended on it, but I can’t say that for sure.

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I wouldn’t trust myself with a gun.

I do however usually carry a knife, and have been trained in how to use it properly.

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@tedd I know how to use one of those too. But I do not actually carry one around.

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No I don’t as Illinois has I believe the toughest restrictions against conceal carry. I found that IF I wanted to conceal carry bad enough I would have to become a mayor, alderman, president, trustee, marshal, deputy marshal or policeman. Pass a training course given by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board. This will make you a “conservator of the peace” as defined in the Illinois Municipal Code, Article 3.1, Division 15, Paragraph 25.

I guess retired LEO’s are allowed CCL’s in Illinois too.

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Yes I have a permit and have been trained in how to use it. I think more and more are going this route and hopefully it will slow crime. If a person wants to rob you and finds out you have a gun it is more than likely they will find another target. I think that holds true with big dogs as well because they look for the easiest target.

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Yes, Texas offers a CHL and I have had one since the very first year they became available.

Now, before you get the wrong idea, I generally do not walk the streets packin’. However, I do enjoy hunting, fishing, and camping. When enjoying those activities I often carry a handgun loaded with snake shot as we do have a healthy population of rattlers and other venomous snakes in the area. Additionally, I enjoy recreational shooting sports and it’s pretty darned hard to participate in those without carrying a firearm between your home and the shooting range.

The main reason I got a CHL is so that in the event I am ever pulled over by an overly ambitious LEO fresh out of training with a shiny new badge and a burning desire to harass a long haired redneck, he will not have cause to haul me in because I happened to be heading on a hunting trip or to the shooting range and have a pistol on or about my person at the time.

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I don’t have one but am looking into this.My state does allow it.

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No offense, @josie, but I have no need to conceal firearms because I don’t conceal my utter distain for them. And me, a Texas cowboy!

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I’m getting one when I turn 21.

I’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. I trust myself with a gun, I know how to use them properly, and I am not naive enough to think that there is no possibility that my life may ever be endangered by a violent attacker.

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It is legal in my state to conceal carry.
I have a permit.
I do most of my big game hunting in the late fall early winter with my handguns only.
It is cold here that time of year so I wear a heavy coat that covers my holster most of the time.
It is easier to get the permit and keep the pistol covered up than it is to make sure the pistol is always in plain sight.

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My state, Arkansas, does allow concealed carry and I do have a concealed carry license, I have had one in three different states now and, if I ever move again, it will be to another state that allows CCLs.Why? Because I can! No, seriously, I originally applied and was given a CCL because I was responsible for carrying large amounts of money late at night and very early in the morning. I was attacked twice (because of the money) and just got into the habit of legally carrying a firearm for protection.

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Nothing wrong with carrying a gun. It is just a good thing that I have not had to use it and I hope I never do.

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My state allows it and though I don’t yet have one, it’s on my list of things to get. I don’t plan on walking around with my HKP30 on my 5“2 scrawny self but like you, I want the permit for when going out of town or to the airport at night.

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Yes my state allows it and I do have one. I also carry everyday. It is usually when you don’t think you will need something, that you will. That is why I carry everyday to even the most common places.

Although I carry almost all the time I am away from home, no one would ever know I had it unless I needed it or they were very close friends who know my habits.

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@missingbite: I’d like to get a smaller sized pistol and become comfortable enough with it to carry everyday or at least in my car when not on my body.

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My son is a former security guard, and he has one. I made sure both of my boys were familiar around guns and we made frequent trips to the shooting range.

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Permits? We don’t need no stinkin’ permits!

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@Neizvestnaya I carry a Ruger LCP with a crimson trace laser sight. I love it. Shoots great and has a pretty heavy trigger pull so I don’t have a problem with it in a holster in my front pocket. I have medium sized hands and it fits really well.

A friend of mine has the Taurus TCP and he loves his. The trigger pull is smoother on the TCP but they are about the same size. Both great guns.

I have to be careful when I carry mine because I forget I have it on me. I will sometimes meet my wife for a drink and have to remind myself to put it away and not carry in the bar. So far, I haven’t forgotten and gone in with it.

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not now but I want to, probably after the new year. Not planning to carry all the time. it’s mainly to make things more convenient when transporting. In my state the gun has to be visible from outside the car or part of it or its case has to show, in plain view. I don’t like that. Not worried if a cop wants to look but I really don’t want to have others scoping it and getting ideas. Out of sight, out of mind. When you’re in a pick -up, it’s a pain to be compliant. I hate leaving a tactical rifle case out in plain view but it’s illegal to slip it behind the seat. Also, as long as you are carrying a weapon might as well have it topped off which would be something I could do legally with the concealed permit. Otherwise the ammo has to be kept in the back of the truck, also not a good idea.

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@woodcutter: Guns visible from the outside of a vehicle invite theft, gah.

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@Neizvestnaya yes then there’s that, and it really is nobody’s business what is inside my vehicle. I suppose it is only natural to be curious. I could get the glass tinted but that makes night driving a bit harder.

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the whole pupose of cc is that no other knows, so you guess as to, do I, don’t I? lol my state exempts me from public inquiries, includes LEO’s without a warrant.

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In places where it’s not allowed, any thug wanting to bother someone is going to be pretty sure he’s going to win. It’s all in the confidence of a person attempting something risky. A bad guy who suddenly feels non confident about things are more apt to reconsider. It’s hard to prove a negative but it is easy to believe many lives have been extended by this.

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