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How do I copy a 7GB file from a Macintosh to a Windows 7 PC?

Asked by linuxgnuru (207points) September 27th, 2010

I have a 7GB file on my macbook pro, but FAT32 formated flash drives can’t handle anything that large, how do I copy the file? Is there a way to write to NTFS on a mac?

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If you want to use a USB stick then you could either format it as NTFS which you will be able to see the larger partitions

Or use winrar to build an archive and split the file up and then put it back together on the other end.

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There are some hacks that allow Macs with snow leopard to write to NFTS but they are pretty unstable.

You could connect the two computers to the same network and copy it over that.

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Good question. Split your file with 7-Zip or something, and move to a flash drive. I wish there was an easier way to do this, but I haven’t found it if it exists.

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I’m not sure, couldn’t you use a Ethernet cable?

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You could always try transferring it over Bonjour on your home network. Just fire up iChat on your Mac, Trillian (which you can get here) on Windows, connect to each other, then transfer the file by dropping it into the chat window. You’ll only be able to do this on your home network. Whatever you do, don’t try doing this over regular chat because it’ll be really slow (it has to go to and back again if you’re using AIM, for example).

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I like LANs. I copy major stuff between my computers over my wifi all the time. Not all of the computers here run Windows either, but 802.11n doesn’t have the same limitations or compatibility issues that FAT32 has.

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Do you have an iPod with a bit of storage (i.e. a classic)? If you set it to “enable disk use” you can just use it as an external hard drive and copy over large files.

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I ended up finding “Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X” that gives you write access to NTFS drives that is working like a charm.

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@Gamrz360 “ethernet cable” sounds right to me.
The powerbook is clearly portable and probably has a gigabit interface. The Window machine probably has a Gb interface too, and they are probably both auto-sensing and will figure out between them which one is ‘host’.
I would guess the easiest next step would be to share a directory on the Windows box, and open up it’s firewall.
Then you’ll probably see that share available on the Mac ‘network places’.

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