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Do any of you adults like the snow?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7887points) September 28th, 2010

I’ve always heard adults complaining about it, any of you actually like it?

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I love it!
Snowmobiling,cross country skiing,ice skating,sledding,pasting someone in the back of the head with a well-aimed snowball?What’s not to love about that??
My favorite activity is walking with my dog in the woods.Very peaceful :)

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Ski ski ski! can’t wait! hope to get real air this year….
I’m 45.

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I love it so much I even tent camp in it! My favorite time is late night cross country skiing across moon lit prairies! Nothing is more serene then heavy soft snowfall laying a blanket of fresh powder across the landscape! Can’t wait!

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Absolutely, i revert back to being 9 again. I love walking in the hills when it’s been snowing. I have some great picture of last years snow in Scotland!

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If we’re going to have the cold we might as well have something we can do some different things with. I like snowshoeing, the sight of bright sunlight on snow, or even better, a really cool moonlit evening.

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I love the snow. I love how romantic it is and how beautiful it makes everything. The way it sits on the trees in place of the leaves. Everything is so gorgeous during the winter when there’s snow. I love snowboarding – I used to be a skier and didn’t enjoy it much, but snowboarding is so fun. I suppose overall I just love the cold weather. I love being bundled up in jackets and hats and mittens and scarves. Snow just makes the winter so much more enjoyable for everyone.

Except the “Scrooge” types”.

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Nothing like walking around as the snow falls and listen to the SILENCE of it all. Soooo cool.

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I love the snow: looking at it, walking through it.

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

I love it! Winter is my favorite time of year, and I welcome as much snow as possible. Beautiful snow-covered scenery, snowball fights, snowboarding, snow angels, sledding, skiing, snowboarding, etc., etc. A snowy winter beats summer by miles and miles.

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The quiet of a heavy snowfall is one of the most peaceful serene things to walk or snowshoe around the woods or fields. There’s not much road noise and there’s hardly any other things out and about so there’s virtually no noise.

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Love it! It’s pretty, it’s fun, it makes me feel 9 years old again.

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Yea, a lot of us adults are not familiar with snow. It being a new invention.
Something new, you whipper-snappers have discovered.

It is not that “adults” do not like the snow. It is that “we” are at a point that we can choose and pick our pleasure when we wish to have them.

I love snow. But on my terms and when I want it.
That concept only comes from living for a while.

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I love it, too. I even like shoveling my sidewalk! I like the exercise. I like getting a day off work (which rarely happens—even with two 20+ inch snowfalls last year, we didn’t get a day off).

I like XC skiing. I like skating and sledding (although I really feel the bumps these days). I like coming in a warming up with hot chocolate. I like sunny days that I think will never end…. oops. That’s someone else’s line ;-)

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Yes, for one day!

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I can go two. :-)

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We had a ton of the white stuff last winter in England. I had no complaints at all, now who wants a scrubbing? :¬)

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Sure, when it first comes down. In order to keep enjoying snow, I have to be in the country. In the city, it turns to dirty slush practically on contact with pavements and roads.

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SNOW ANGELS!! I love getting wrapped up and walking in the snow. I know it can be a problem for lots of peoples but I LOVE it!

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Living in Denver, I’m pretty much alone on my hatred of snow. Most people who live here moved specifically for the ability to ski/snowboard in the winter. Our population of Lance Armstrong worshipers is larger than normal – they cycle most of the year, and ski when they can’t. Rabidly, down the double black diamonds on Mary Jane (and the other kind, too…).

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I adore snow! I love the first flakes, I love the covering and the crunchyness underfoot, and I love the way it makes everything stop… Snowball fight anyone?... Ah, it’s so romantic… dreamy sigh…

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If snow could exist at temperatures above 75 degrees farenheit, I would love it. As it is, it’s too cold for me.

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My boyfriend. I call him a snomo.

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@downtide With the clothes that are available today, you would be amazed at how comfortable it is nowadays. Your body could feel like 75 while it’s 10 degrees out there. So strap on some skis and get out there! Its not like they couldn’t find you if you got lost, all that red and all your like a walking flare in the snow! JK LOL

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