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Can I get suggestions for funny, clever and memorable words 4-5 characters long?

Asked by Dog (24827points) September 28th, 2010

I am getting a new phone number and they are out of the easy to remember numerical ones like 555–1234. But they do have the option to search by key word such as 555-DUCK.

Can you all give me suggestions for an easy to remember 4–5 character word or words?

Oh and I would love to suggestions that are funny and clever too.

The more the better- it seems hit and miss to find ones that are available.


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Are you a Battlestar Gallactica fan? F-R-A-K

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Farscape fan? F_R_E_L

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Or the obvious D_O_G_S

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@JilltheTooth Ha! I tried it- not available!

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Boner? No,that’s not right.How about Bikit?

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@lucillelucillelucille HA HA HA! I tried boner- taken. That would have been so funny!
Not sure what a bikit is.

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@Dog ; Well, I did say it was obvious…I feel silly for mentioning it

OK, Let me redeem myself here.
R-U-F-F, F-I-D-O, A-L-P-O, J-E-L-L-Y

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I call dog bisquits “bikits” to get my dog riled up to the point of insanity.LOL

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(I like alpo!)

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Ha!!! Awesome!

So far nothing available but DAWG. While I love it- and I really do- I was hoping it would be something I would not have to spell out every time.

(I am keeping it on the list though!)

Brilliant suggestions so far! :D I lurve you guys!

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555-FART (short for fine art of course)
555-HIHI (Hawaii, Hawaii)
555-SURF (self-explanatory)

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Dirt is available- and funny. Wish I could get “Joe Dirt” ha ha ha!
Awww @Kayak8 I love all of them and none are open. :( I would totally have taken SURF and FART

@gailcalled Hi Milo- don’t you prefer I save yours for you? ;) Sadly though- someone is already admiring you from California and has taken your name number.

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@Dog; Milo here; Are you serious? Please send details. I am dialing my stable of lawyers as I type.

It is similar to stealing 555-POPE.

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How ‘bout TIC-BATH? No? 555 FLEA? 55M-ANGE? Nah….555 PAWS?

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555 UGLY?
555 TASTY?
555 CLEAN?
555 MESS?
555 GREAT?
555 GOOD?

I’m not very good at this but it is fun!

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^^; Too long, I am sorry to say.

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The last 4 digits of my cell phone number actually spell out DICK
totally unintentional though

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I actually like it when folks give me the numbers and I figure out what word or fragments it includes. Once had a friend whose phone number was essentially CROW EGO, it was easy to remember . . . now that most people use cell phones and some of the smart phones have keyboards to ease typing, there are no letters associated with the numbers and a number given as words can be very difficult to dial.

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Okay checking through the rest of the suggestions none were available. Which was a shame because “mange” in particular is so funny.

Given the choice of “dawg” or “dirt” I think dawg will end up the winner :)

@uberbatman ha ha ha!
@Kayak8 me too!

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@Dog : So? What did you decide? Huh? Huh?

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:D I went with 555-DAWG!
(Some rapper is jealous somewhere! Ha ha ha!)

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555-sexy i dunno lol just a thought xD

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