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Calling all stoner jellies - why do you need so many pipes?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19026points) September 28th, 2010

Ok, I’ve noticed that lots of stoners will buy multiple pieces. They will have 6 pipes, and 7 bongs, 2 or 3 zongs, several cigas (sp?), a few blunts… The list goes on and on. Years after acquiring “the ultimate piece”, they will still stop by the headshop to pick up a new one “because they have the money”. And yet, they never say anything bad about a piece so long as it’s not a makeshift pop-can. It’s never like “Well, the last one I bought was really crap, but it fit my price range, so now I want to upgrade”. After they’ve gotten a quality pipe, bong, zong, blunt, and ciga, what else do they need?

What’s going on here? Why do stoner’s do this? Is it a collector’s thing? A culture thing? What??

If anyone doesn’t feel comfortable answering this question so openly, feel free to pm me the answer privately – I’m dying to know.

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I do not see this trend with the smokers I know. People do definitely have a preference, but I don’t know anyone who has more than 3 pieces of paraphernalia—usually papers, a bong and a pipe.

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I have absolutely no idea what you are on about.
Care to tell what we are talking here?
Edit: Ah, weed.

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When I was in highschool, I knew a lot of stoners. They do this because smoking weed is recreation and a hobby. The pipes and bongs and blunt wraps are like collecting coins from various countries: it shows what you have. There are so many types that you want to use/collect them all.

It can also be compared to new gadgets: There are always new pipes and bongs, and various new ways to smoke weed that you want to try the newest better method when it comes out.

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Well, some of them can be really pretty. For me it’s an aesthetic thing. I only have 2 blown glass pipes that I haven’t used in a long while.

Plus with each different piece of paraphernalia, the smoking experience can be very different.

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My boyfriend has 3 pipes. It’s just a collection, at least that’s what he tells me. They’re actually pretty cool-looking and two of them are souvenirs.

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They get bored of looking at the same one. At least that’s why my brother bought new ones.

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I only buy glass, and I wait till it breaks before buying a new one. Pipes get filthy real fast, so I’m more into the function than the art of it.

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I don’t see this trend either.

One or two, yes, but, more than that, I don’t see it…

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I don’t know anybody who has a serious collection, either. Usually someone will have just a few pieces, or one of each kind.. like a one-hitter, a glass pipe, a bong, and a vaporizer. I have one really shitty metal pipe I bought in Amsterdam that I only keep for sentimental reasons, a blown glass one-hitter, a blown glass pipe, a small plastic bong.

Now, if people are collecting glass pieces, I totally get that. Hand blown glass is beautiful and some of these pieces are works of art.

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I recently broke a $350 glass bong. I’m still in mourning.

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Some bongs/pipes hit better than others. I’ve seen zongs that could turn lame weed into some great stuff; especially if you pack ice into it. Or even like a gravity bong, gives you a big hit real fast. I have seen most provide different functionality, and deliver the hit differently.

Of course its always good to have back-up pieces too in-case someones an idiot.

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Some pieces can be very pretty artistic pieces. I don’t smoke pot ;)

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I don’t really get it either. If I had plentiful heaps of money, I would buy them for fun. But that would be the only reason. Some are really pretty…some are really cool. But I only have one. It works, but I always spill it. I’m considering re investing.

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They never remember where they put the last one.

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it’s nice to have a variety. and different pieces hit differently. plus, some are just really pretty.

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Dude, I don’t even smoke and I have three pipes.

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I have quite a few. They all provide different smoking experiences though. Like sometimes im in the mood for a steam roller, others I want a bong, but sometimes I just want to get my wonderfully carved stone bowl and just go chill outside or go for a walk in the woods with it. It all depends on what I’m doing. If im going to a concert, ill use my bat or dug out that looks like a cig to better hide it.

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@Macbean, I don’t smoke either and I have a few pipes and a Hookah :)

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I still have a fair sized collection of never used stone carved pipes (catlinite {pipestone}, steatite, alabaster, soapstone) that I made myself. I have given away a great deal more to family and friends (including a jelly or two…..dozen), each personalized with an inscription on the bottom (not all recipients are current smokers). . There are a few samples in this photostream (pages 2 & 3, bottoms/inscriptions purposely not shown) . Although my smoking is much reduced (provides great health benefits and I can easily get an Rx but the disease I was dealt is stealing my breath and getting worse), I’ll alternate between three of my pipes, a small glass bong, and other pipes of meersham, wood, and metal. My best friend is now enjoying several hand blown glass pipes and bongs I parted with due to the likelihood of my breaking them. As other jellies have noted, each method provides a unique smoking experience and they serve different applications (size of group your smoking with, frequency of reload, etc). See ya…...Gary/wtf

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Um… buying a new one is so much more fun than cleaning the old one!

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@loser @Kraigmo I thought you weren’t supposed to wash them, but let them stay dirty so you could hit the resin when you were in a jam.

@MissAnthrope My sister alone has over 20 pieces. Add in her 2 roommates, who both have tons, and in her house alone there’s over 50. Then go over to her boyfriends, and then her various friends, and repeat.

@whatthefluther @uberbatman @Samantha_Rae @wgallios @tragiclikebowie So how do you know what piece will give you what high? If there’s a bong that will turn shit weed into great weed, why wouldn’t you use that with already great weed to get the best high ever?

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I know some people that collect them. Like people do in coin collections or stamp collections.

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After a while they can actually get too funky for my taste. I just tuck the old one away in case a dry spell does come up.

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@papayalily…I don’t think any device will turn shit weed into good weed. They have more to do with the effectiveness of getting theTHC into your body. As I understand it, a vaporizer (I don’t own one nor have I ever used one) is the most effective at extracting and delivering the THC without most of the harmful by-products of normal combustion (the weed is electrically heated with no direct flame). Rolling papers add additional harmful by-products. One hit bongs allow combustion of the entire load without the next person revisiting ash or partially combusted material. But I am generally not adverse to smoke having smoked cigarettes and cigarillos much of my life, although they are all bad for your health. I prefer stone pipes because of the cooling effect on the smoke and the cleaner taste as opposed to papers or a water pipe or bong that has been used (the ash and any partially combusted weed will turn that water or other liquid used to cool the smoke, disgusting, very quickly). It is a matter of taste and how much by-product you can stand. The end result is generally the same: you are high, be it a slight buzz or very stoned, depending on how much THC you have ingested. Now the strength (THC content) of different samples and strains of weed is an entirely different story, with the difference predicated on growing method (i.e., hydroponic vs soil) and growing conditions (climate, be it natural or artificial, the medium used, be it soil, gravel, or circulating water, and the nutrients delivered to the plant via that medium). And, getting your hands on the good stuff is predicated on availability and what you can afford. But one hit of good stuff can provide the desired result that would take more than ten hits of junk along with all the by-products that may be harmful and may detract from the high by how they effect your body (i.e., “cotton mouth”, raspy throat, lung congestion, etc).
See ya…....Gary/wtf

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Ok, now I want to smoke.

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@loser pipes are really easy to clean if ya know the tricks. Just soak it in everclear with kosher salt over night. Most of the resin will just pour right out of the bowl.

@papayalily if ya dont clean them long enough they completely clog up and are useless.

As per the different smoking things. Sure a bong will get you much more high than say a bowl. My understanding is this , a vap gets near 100% THC bongs get 60–80% bowls 40–70% and papers/blunts as low as 20%

So why not use the bong every time? Well because sometimes its a pain in the ass to get it out and fill it with water grab ice and all that other shit. Sometimes I just want to pack a simple bowl . A bong also isnt very portable. Also, while providing a great high, it also takes quite a bit of weed to fill. Sure I could put less in there and get the same high as smoking a bowl, but I also very much enjoy the act of smoking so unless I have a considerable amount of weed im probably not going to use it. I mean I dont want to just take 1 hit and be done with it. Smoking weed is as much about the experience as it is getting high.

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In my experience, there are people who do tend to be collectors, and people who don’t. I can certainly sympathize with what you’re you talking about; I love walking into a glass gallery to see what’s new from the shipments and the local artists. It’s like being a kid in a candy store, and sometimes it’s just too tempting (like @tragiclikebowie said, there is some pretty work being done out there). I can also understand the need for a variety of different kinds of glassware, depending on the situation, but I don’t know anyone with a list like the one given.

Personally, I currently own two pipes. One is a little glass spoon that I keep for day-to-day use, and the other is a nice wooden pipe that my comrades and I smoke on more celebratory occasions. Both pipes do the job, and while I would love to just run downtown and but that sick Sherlock that I saw on display, I just don’t have the funds.

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man ive wanted a sherlock for a while now…

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