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How long does it take you to eat an apple?

Asked by HungryGuy (16002points) September 29th, 2010

Yes, this may come across as a totally frivolous question. But the plot for a story I’m working on depends on how long a typical person takes to eat a typical apple (if you can answer for an orange, pear, or other fruit, that’s okay, too) assuming that you’re just sitting and eating.

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depends on the size of the apple
a juicy little mcintosh, a minute. a big mealy golden delicious 4–5 minutes

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Your original answer wasn’t helpful. Your changed answer is. Thanks!

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eh..5ish minutes

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Apple about two minutes using my hands and mouth, about one minute if using a knife.

An orange takes me about a minute. a pear takes me about 20 to 30 seconds. a kiwi takes me about 15 seconds. a peach about 40 or 50 seconds. a plumb about 10 seconds. a grape about 0.8 seconds, a banana about a minute. a watermelon about 2–3 days taking a slice as and when i need it.

an apricot takes me about 40 seconds, a coconut takes me about a day, a lemon takes me about 6 minutes, about one if you minus the face pulling. for a grapefruit, add a minute or two more. a mandarin takes me about 10 seconds less than an orange (getting in to math problems now) a strawberrie takes me about 1.4 seconds, a pomegranante takes me about 15 minutes, a fig takes me about 3 seconds, a pineapple takes me about half a day, a nectarine takes me about 30 seconds, a mango takes me about a minute, and an ugly fruit, i dont know, i dont eat ugly fruit. its too ugly.

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Like 3 minutes; I just ate one, not even from a store, straight from the orchard.

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Thanks all! Although your answers vary, they give me a general idea that I can set the timing in the scene in my story to :-)

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A bunch of grapes take me about one and a half hour.
The peeling is very time consuming.
An apple about two minutes, but then again i only eat some big chunks, i never get close to the inside as i really get the shivers when i touch the hard center with the pits.

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5 minutes maybe.

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a good apple like a pink lady or jonathan, about 2 minutes. a piece of shit golden or red delicious, eternity.

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Two minutes if I am distracted. One without distractions.

I grew up around orchards. I know apples.

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Like ten minutes or so. Not a big fan of apples though.

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I like to take my time eating an apple. Never so slow that the bite marks will turn brown, but I will take a bite, put the apple down, chew, savor, and then pick it up and repeat. So 15 minutes, perhaps which is a long time for me since I often eat my entire lunch in 10 minutes.

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About 5 minutes.
I use a knife and I eat as much of it as I can without biting into the core.

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Twenty minutes.

Fifteen if it’s cored, sliced, and dipped in peanut butter.

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7–9 minutes. I use a knife and cut a bite at a time.

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Core blimey that’s a tricky one. About as long as it took Newton to realise what the hell was going on.

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Thanks everybody! GAs all around :-)

Suppose, now, that you didn’t want to waste time… You’re not exactly in a rush to catch a train or anything like that, so there’s no actual reason to rush. You want to enjoy the apple, but maybe there’s someplace you’d rather be and you want to finish that apple without deliberately extending your eating of it…

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