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What do you eat for breakfast so you can at least eat something for breakfast ?

Asked by Hibernate (9091points) July 12th, 2011

Some [ like me ] do not eat breakfast.
Others do not have the time for it .
Others can’t eat some things for breakfast.

When you do want to have a breakfast what do you eat ?

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Just wondering, but is English a second language for you?

If I have time, I need to have a large breakfast: eggs, potatoes, bacon, pancakes etc. If I don’t have time, I eat a bagel and yogurt.

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I’m not entirely sure I understand your question (the title).

I do not always have breakfast. If I do, and it’s early in the morning, it is something easily digestible like fruit. If my breakfast is actually my lunch… I’ll have cereal, toast or porridge. If it is on the weekend, when my partner is home in the mornings, sometimes I make pancakes, crepes or eggs for us.

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Lately it has been plain yogurt with fresh picked fruit and Kashi Granola (plug). It keeps on my desk all morning and by the time I force the last bite down my throat it is time to go home!

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I don’t feel good eating first thing in the morning so I try to have a coffee or espresso first and then a yogurt, banana, nuts or an fixed some way. Basically, eating breakfast is to shut up my stomach and for me to be able to move on to the rest of the day where other meals will be enjoyable.

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Cereal, or yogurt and chopped banana, or a bagel with peanut butter. Sometimes, crumpets.

Coffee with creamer or Baileys.

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I usually don’t have time for breakfast on weekdays, though I try to have some coffee and a croissant.
On weekends I love to have a good English fry-up. :D

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If I’m not hungry, I have an espresso with some form of high protein food.

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@Jude Ooo, yes, crumpets too ..I love crumpets. :)

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One buttermilk biscuit and a cup of coffee. It will last till noon.

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@Plucky Mmm, I have it with melted butter and honey.

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I keep cheese and apples in a refrigerator at work. I start the day with a thick slice of Extra Sharp New York Cheddar, cut into bite-size pieces, followed by a Granny Smith apple. It’s a great breakfast for me.

On weekends and other times when I’m at home alone I often won’t eat until late in the afternoon.

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Breakfast be damned, a nice hot cup of coffee is my way to go. I get sick if I eat right after waking up anyways.

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I always try to eat some sort of protien with every meal or snack so if I am in a hurry or not in the mood for breakfast I will grab some nuts that I have in the house and eat those with a cup of coffee on the run.

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When I have time, eggs, bacon, biscuits and coffee. Coffee and toast when I don’t have time.

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I’m a big fan of a few pieces of fruit (kiwi, dragonfruit, plum, banana) and a small bowl of a good multi-grain cereal, like cheerios or vector!

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Some fruit.

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I don’t have time for breakfast either but I have breakfast anyway by preparing it the night before. In a one liter bottle I add ¼ cup of oat meal (un-cooked), two cups of whole grain cerial, some raisons, 2 scoops of whey protein and the add non-fat milk until about ¾ full. I shake this mixture up and put it in the frig to sit over nighi. In the morning I slurp it down on my commute to work. I don’t really enjoy it at all but it is what my body needs so I eat it anyway.

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Coffee and yoghurt without fail, and either fruit or eggs (lightly fried or soft-boiled) when time allows. I generally avoid carbs for breakfast because they make me feel drowsy by late morning. Only exception is when I have oatmeal with milk but even then it’s rare or in winter when I need something hot to start off the day with

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I eat breakfast 95% of the time, always have. I like many things for breakfast.

Cereal (hot or cold depending on time of year).


Ham and cheese sandwich.

English muffin (a real treat for me is English muffin sandwich with bacon. I probably have it twice or thrice a year).

Bagel (sometimes with lox).

I don’t like sweet things very much in the morning so I don’t eat donuts/cakes or fruit. I like those things around tea time.

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I have a pill I have to take in the morning with food. I don’t always want breakfast, so I may have a piece out of the middle of my husband’s toast, a piece of cheese, the end slice of bread, a soda cracker with butter or a half glass of milk. Or I may wait and take the pill with lunch.

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Usually I just have whatever I am craving at the moment. Or whatever was left from last nights dinner. This has been tacos, it has been cheese ravioli, it has been pizza. But on the weekends, I go all out and have someone else cook me breakfast at this local pancake house. I think that breakfast foods are divine and those who cook them are angels.

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Coffee and cigarettes. I know it’s a bad routine :( Sometimes I have Special K.

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Coffee, one egg (Boiled), toast, Cherrios

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