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What is your favorite drink?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) September 29th, 2010

I work at a coffee shop, and am craving it, but I don’t know what to get, or if I really want coffee at all… And I’m in class and playing on this site :)

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Actually, my favorite drink is NSFW, otherwise…

Non-alcoholic: iced tea.

Alcoholic: Kahlua and milk/cream (it tastes almost like chocolate milk—yum!)

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And, chocolate milk.

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I drink more water than anything else. Sometimes I crave apple juice and nothing beats a cup of hot chocolate when it’s cold out :)

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I like beer, especially La Fin du Monde and Don de Dieu. But if it has to like, not be alcoholic, I go for nice, strong coffee, preferably coffee that’s had a horseshoe thrown in while it was brewing.

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Flavored ice water (homemade), coffee

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Alcoholic: Beer or whiskey and cola.

Dry: Water or tea.

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I like chamomile tea,water or a good wheat beer.

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A mango lassi (an Indian drink with mango juice, yogurt and rosewater), and Tazo black iced tea with no sweetner.

For an interesting non-alcoholic drink that’s very refreshing, you might enjoy this. I call it “Hula Brew”. Mix equal parts O’Doul’s non-alcoholic beer with pineapple juice. Add a straw and an umbrella and a skewer with a fresh hunk of pineapple and you’ve got an instant luau.

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When I worked as a barista I would have caramel lattes and peppermint mochas a lot. Now I get Americanos and drown them in milk, it’s fantastic. Rooibos tea was also a winner.

@Kardamom Lassis are FANTASTIC

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Water and milk. Occasionally, have a glass of red wine. Usually, Merlot.

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Mango lassi sounds yummeh! Must give it a try!

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I love coffee, coke and rootbeer, an occasional glass of wine. I am doing right now.

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Coffee is my true love. Followed very, very closely by white wine and water. In third place, an ice cold gin and tonic with extra lime juice.

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Ice cold tea.

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Vodka and gingerale.
Tropical drinks like Rum Punch

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v8 fusion (almost all flavors) and a little sprite or 7up just enough to make it bubbly.
besides that milk, root beer, or water. i have been trying to get into tea but not successful yet

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I’m going drinking with @Symbeline. She knows what’s up.

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Soda, various fruit juices (not from powder, plz), and in cold weather it’s chicken broth, hot chocolate, or else coffee-and-hot-chocolate.
Also, fruit juice mixed with Sprite/7up/Generic.

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Sprite Zero, doesn’t taste diet and has lots of bubbles to make you burp!

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I would recomend that you have a coffee. Usually works for me!

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water. i almost never drink anything else, but when i do its: coffee, hot chocolate, chocolate milk, cream soda, cranberry juice, occassionally beer, and usually wine. oh and orange peach mango juice. HUMUNAH HUMUNAH. oh and i’m also currently addicted to PEACH PLEASURE at jamba juice. i spend 5 bucks a day almost on those babies. very sad, but i am just sinking deeper into the addiction.

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Coffee, water, green tea, and milk
coffee wins every time if i only could pick one

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Bloody Maria (spicy bloody Mary with tequila instead of vodka)

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Oh, I already answered this question before.


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Cocktail: Bombay Sapphire on the rocks, lemon twist’s rind rubbed on the glass’s lip.

Beer: Dogfish Head’s Fort, Ruination by Stone, Everyday beer? Dale’s Pale Ale.

Soft drink: Mexican Coke from bottle, Kosher Coke. (both made with sugar instead of corn syrup).

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^ another Sapphire fan! Nice!

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^Thank you.

Like Hot and Sour soups, no two gins are exactly alike.

One’s taste in them is as individual as one’s sense of fashion.

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