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Really weird dream, do you think it means something?

Asked by mvp2003 (26points) September 30th, 2010

I had this really odd dream tonight, given I had a few drinks before I fell asleep so perhaps this had something to do with it but I was in a really weird place and on a cell phone trying to tell a woman where I was because I was lost. The town looked kinda odd and all the signs on the buildings and street signs were all faded out and I couldn’t read what they said. I became frantic and was running up down a street trying to describe anything I could.

At the end of the street was a HUGE vibrant looking church. I mean it was practically glowing compared to the rest of the town. An old man was walking into the church and he had an odd smile. I flagged him down and asked him what the name of the church was and his smile grew bigger and he said that the name meant something very bad…he said whatever it was called and I told the lady on the phone.

She said she never heard of such a place and then somehow I was off the phone. I walked into the church and saw some people and the old man approached me. He told me the name of the church meant to have sex with god and that he told me if was a bad name for a church.

He then brought over two cups filled with water and suddenly my pregnant friend was with me. He told us to drink them and that it would protect us and get us home.

So we drank them and suddenly we passed out and when I woke up my pregnant friend was laying on the floor with him standing over her and she was being controlled my him. I started to shake her and try and snap her out of it and he had a sinister smile on his face. He told me the holy water he gave us was to control us and next thing I know I was outside on the street again and the church was gone.

There was a note on the floor and it was from the old man. He said in the note that for the next 48 hours he could do whatever he wanted to me and my pregnant friend because of the water but we shouldnt worry.

Next thing I remember and it starts to get fuzzy here I saw the old man with that weird smile and I was in a room that was all lit up with different colors (blue specifically almost electric blue) and there was a crowd of people and he was laughing as he controlled me….then I woke up.

As I was waking up I had one last thought that kind of intertwined with me being ½ awake and it was that they trick people from the real world into finding the church somehow to get the water inside them so they can be controlled.

Really odd dream, I’m not religious AT ALL…weird thing is my neighbor always slips notes under my door and there was a note under my door in an envelope when I woke up with some random stuff and at the end of the note she wrote “God will always protect you because you are such a good person” which I thought was even more strange of her to say….i’m kinda creeped out…

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Perhaps you are eating way too much cheese at night. That will always makes you dream!!

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“I’m not religious at all”.

Maybe, someone is trying to tell you something.

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It means you owe me money ;)

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Exactly what were you drinking?

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Your brain is bored and likely means nothing. Drugs can cause weird dreams. I used to take a very strong cardiac drug (amiodarone) that caused me to have vivid chaotic bizarre dreams like something out of a Franz Kafka book. Lay off the alcohol.

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Forget about the dream, it would be the neighbor slipping holy notes under your door I would be worried about!

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Sometimes we are half awake and still dreaming at the same time. We can’t move because of the dreaming part, but we are quite aware because of the awake part. The dreaming part shows us all kinds of images, and the awake part tries to interpret them.

Because we can’t move, it feels like we are not in control of our bodies (and we aren’t, really). If there are characters in our dreams, it can feel like they are controlling us. Some people report demons controlling them. Others think they are being abducted by aliens and experimented on.

If this happens regularly, it is known as sleep paralysis, and it can be alleviated with meds and therapy. If it happens only once in a while, or maybe only once, it seems to me that it could be a random incidence of sleep paralysis, perhaps brought on by your drinking. Drinking can mess with sleeping.

As to the content of the dream, it sounds like something is happening in your life (the church), and you are not sure if it is good or bad (the man and the church). It draws you strongly, and yet you feel like you’ve lost your way (the calls for directions). It might be a very creative opportunity (your pregnant friend), but it could also be something that you lose control over and it controls you (the man and the drug).

I suppose this could be many things. It could be as mundane as you are thinking of using a drug. It could be you are about to start a new job or go to college or join an organization of some kind. Or it could be a relationship with a parent or some other authority figure in your life. Or something else of that kind.

It’s about freedom and control, and finding your way through those influences. This may or may not have anything to do with your life.

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That is one messed up.. no beyond messed up dream. I wouldn’t think the dream meant much except you feel like your being controlled though. Do you talk in your sleep? Maybe your neighbor caught onto the dream and decided to mess with you.

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My first thoughts went to your pregnant friend. Any chance you think people might think she is making a mistake, or are even judging her for her pregnancy? The church and the old man could represent them, being exaggerated because you aren’t religious and it represents their views, not necessarily yours. Since you are her friend and standing by her—you are taking the punishment with her.
If you believe everyone is happy about her pregancy then I haven’t got a clue! :)

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no most people feel she is making a huge mistake, so that seems like a fair assumption on the dream and situation :)

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