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Have you owned anything that ever had to go back to the store because of recall?

Asked by Frenchfry (7584points) September 30th, 2010

I am bringing back my child’s fisher price tricycle. It is on recall. Never done this before. Interesting. Hope the store does not give me a hard time. I have no reciept , or box anymore.

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No, but we discussed the toy issue in my Children’s Literature because Proposition 65 was undergoing investigation for application against toy manufacturers (this was during the recall season when led was found in plastic toys made by several leading companies. It was an interesting deviation from our usual reading.)

I hope they don’t give you a hard time, but I imagine it would be difficult to return without a receipt or box. Even if you don’t get your money back, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to toys that are on the recall alert.

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I don’t really have much to say, but in the interest of getting some balanced stats, no, i have never had to return something that was on recall.

if they give you a hard time, just contact the manufacturer, its their problem really.

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I’ve had to take my car in for recalls ;p didn’t have a box or receipt, but they fix whatever is wrong

lol kind of a different scale though.

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@wgallios Did you have that recall where the car would not stop?
@muppetish Propsition 65 is interesting. never heard of it.
@poisonedantidote They could not find the recall even though it’s all over YA News. She kept saying it’s the little people’s trike. I said no. I was there for a bit. I went on the internet with my phone and showed her. SEE . I am not lying. Sheesh. She kepted asking me when I bought and I said about three months or more. I could not remember. I mean the trike and had some wear and tear from riding it on concrete driveway. Oh~! well not sure I want to go through that again. LOL. She did give me my money back.

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Only recall issues for cars and only when my car’s VIN (factory batch) was in the particulars.

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Tons of times. It seems every dang thing of my sons has been recalled.
His Fisher Price Rainforest Pack n Play, we had to cut it up and send it in for a full refund from FP. His crib was a drop side, which they are banning because of deaths. Similac was just recalled, and we had two cans from the hospital when my youngest was born 7 months ago, they were affected.

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