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Mothers: When you were pregnant, did you suspect the sex of the child you were carrying and, if so, were you right?

Asked by MissAnthrope (21496points) September 30th, 2010

My mom, when she was pregnant with me, was so certain she was having a girl that she didn’t even bother picking out any boy names. Obviously a 50–50 chance, but she was right.

So, did you know before you were told the sex or gave birth?

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When I was pregnant with my first, I thought he’d be born an intersex baby, he wasn’t. When I was pregnant with my second, I thought he was a girl, he wasn’t.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir – Interesting that you thought your first would be intersex.. may I ask why?

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@MissAnthrope The doctor mentioned his penis wasn’t developing at a rate that was necessary for my doctor so I thought ‘cool, the baby is intersex, who better to be born to than me when you’re intersex?’ and went on with my life.

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I was positive my child would be a boy – had a name picked out and everything. The baby kicked so much I figured it had to be a kick-boxer. SHE was born and it took me a week to get used to calling her by the female name I picked out! Still active, very feminine, great daughter! :)

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I had dreams that turned out to be right. 50/50 chance anyway, right?

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I have, however, correctly picked the gender of each of her three!

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir – Thanks for sharing the details. I can’t believe they can track penis growth in utero! That’s nuts.

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@MissAnthrope Well, you know based on uber-specific and oh so accurate sonogram images – he was much more concerned about it than I was, that’s for sure.

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Very early in my sister’s pregnancy she knew she was having a girl, and her boyfriend as well as all her friends seemed to think so too. The only one who seemed to assert that it was a boy was my dad, but I think that was wishful thinking. After two daughters he probably wanted a boy in the family. It turned out to be a beautiful little girl and the apple all my family’s eyes – my dad’s certainly not complaining!

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I was certain I was having a boy when I was pregnant with my son. My mom was certain he was going to be a girl. I loved it when I got the sonogram clearly showing he was indeed a boy and I was right and she was wrong.

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@Seaofclouds – Was there anything in particular that made you feel it would be a boy instead of a girl?

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@MissAnthrope Not really. It was just a strong feeling I had that he was a boy.

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I knew I was going to have a girl and I had a girl.

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Both times I managed to carry a baby to term, I was dead certain I was having a boy. Both times I was dead wrong, LOL.

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The first time, I suspected I was having a girl but didn’t want to say anything. My husband really wanted a boy! Whenever I dreamed about the baby, it was a girl. At the ultrasound we found out for sure she was a girl, and of course my husband fell madly in love with her. It was also strange that in my dreams, our daughter was born able to talk. She did start talking early, and never stopped. Eleven years later, we still can’t shut her up!

The next two were boys, and each time I told my husband I thought they were boys. I didn’t have any particular reason for thinking they would be boys, it was just a hunch. We also found out at the ultrasounds that they’d be boys. With the first one it was a bit of a relief, knowing we’d have a girl and a boy. Took some of the pressure off. :)

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Because of my age, and medical condition we had to have an ultrasound early-on… The first was about a day after the doctor confirmed I was pregnant.. I was about 4 or 5 weeks but of course the sex couldn’t be determined, and everything looked fine. Then, I think it was at 18 weeks or so, I had another and I could TELL it was a boy… his tackle was obvious even to me. The tech asked if we wanted to know and we said, ‘Yes’ and she confirmed it.

I didn’t have any ideas one way or the other, but I was hoping for a girl for one reason only. Autism is less likely in girls. I didn’t know if I could care for two autistic kids. When I realised he was a boy… the fear factor was cranked up. Thankfully, he’s not autistic, but raising any kid is a challenge, so my hope for a girl was unfounded.

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I knew I wanted a boy. I always told everyone that it was going to be a boy. Prayed for a boy and even felt like I had a boy. Sure enough I wasn’t surprised that they said my (now two and a half year old) baby was a boy. =) I just knew for some reason. I can’t explain how or why.

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So, what do you guys think.. are mothers in tune with what’s going on in their bellies? Or is it just 50–50 chance?

The reason I ask this is because the brain is amazing. On several occasions, I’ve dreamt that I started my period and then woke up to find that I had, indeed, started my period. So, I’m convinced of this mind-body connection. I’m also fascinated by the pregnancy aspect.. never having been pregnant, of course, so I’m curious about the experience.

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@MissAnthrope I believe it depends on how in tune a woman is with her body. The more in tune she is, the more she’ll be able to listen to what her body’s telling her.

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I went by whatever my very first dream was.
I had a dream of giving birth to a boy with lots of dark hair, and thought that was so random since I was bald until I was two. My oldest son was born with a full head of dark hair!
I sort of felt like my second might be a girl, but the pregnancy was just so so I just knew it’d be a boy. (I figured my body knew all the hormones so that is why it was easy) He came out a healthy boy!

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