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If a spinal block didn't work before, will it likely not work again in the future?

Asked by BBSDTfamily (6839points) January 25th, 2011

When I had my first child, I had a spinal block before my c-section. It didn’t completely numb me and so I had to be put under complete anesthesia. I missed the birth of my first baby because of this and want to know if this is likely to happen again when I have another child? I’ve heard of people getting multiple epidurals and being told that if the first one doesn’t work, the second probably won’t either. So, just wondering if the same applies to spinal blocks.

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I am not a doctor, and you might already know this, but I think a spinal block is one injection of meds, where an epidural can deliveral continual meds. So the epidural possibly will be more effective. What I wonder is if only nurse anesthetists and anesthesiologists can give epidurals? And, possibly that is why possibky they did not try an epidural, but since you were completely put under I guess there must have been an anesthesiologist there? The only reason I bring it up is because I had a procedure that was very painful, and I woke up during it, and later I found out the reason I was the particular drugs administered for my procedure, and not what I call “better” ones is most likely because there was no anasthesiologist in the room during the procedure. I was pissed. Still am.

I’m sure some doctors will have better answer. Good luck. Exciting! New baby!

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Each birth is entirely different. Discuss this with your doctor and explain your concerns.

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No, each time is unique. If I were in your shoes (I had a spinal block that didn’t work on my first birth, either—the 2nd one was fan-TASTIC) I’d talk to your doctor about it.
I expressed my concern to my attending OB and everyone who would listen to me on the check-in day for my 2nd delivery. I asked for the BEST and MOST EXPERIENCED anesthesiologist they could find..and heck if he didn’t do a great job. (For all I know he was an intern – but I don’t care, he got it right!)

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I had a neck injury. After about 8 years, the bone graft began to wear off and pain shot down my left arm and fingers. I was assured that a spinal block would be successful, to control the pain. The first spinal block did not work. The second spinal block did not work. My doctor then advised me that a spinal block was not going to work for me. I figured this much. Anyway, I finally had to have another neck surgery and a new bone graft inserted into my neck. everything is great.

What did not work for me, may be a blessing for you. I understand that you do not want to miss giving birth to your next child. I would discuss this at length with your doctor. They are open for just about any suggestion, that pleases you and is safe.

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It’s anesthesiologist dependent.

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@Rarebear Can you explain your answer more?

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@JLeslie It’s a procedure that takes skill and training. She may have had an anesthesiologist who didn’t do a great job of it and another one may be better at it. Sometimes they just don’t take. If you’re off by a millimeter the local anesthesia may go in the wrong plane and it won’t take effect.

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Thank you everyone!

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@Rarebear So, if it isn’t working should a patient demand another anesthesiologist give it a try? Oy, I know this is one of those things that is going to upset me about medical care.

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@JLeslie No. They just don’t take sometimes.

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