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What do you find the most attractive in finding a partner?

Asked by kissmesoftly (406points) October 1st, 2010

Physical as well as personality-wise.

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Honesty, sense of humor and great legs! ;)

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Physical: Body proportionate on the lean side, good hygeine, neat grooming.

Personality: Charm and confidence without arrogance.

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Sense of humour, share things in common, moderately good looking ( drop dead gorgeous suggests possible high maintenance) Oh & goes without saying of course that she has nice tits & a great arse :¬)

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In this order.

1. Eyes
2 Teeth
3. Personality and mind
4. Common ground
5. physical attraction
6. And the kiss will make or break all the above.

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Reasonable breath, no BO, reasonable IQ, and a pulse are my starting points.

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Intelligence, compassion, open mind and a sense of humor that gets mine. Also, being a reader helps a lot.

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Loyal, good disposition, very neat, dedicated to her career, attractive, frugal, and a great “butta!”

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Physically, I want a chubby man with a Jewfro, kind of like my boyfriend Seth here. Noms.

Personality-wise, quick wit is a major turn-on. I want someone very ambitious and focused on achieving their goals. Confidence without arrogance. Polite. Animal lover. Empathetic. Spontaneous, yet doesn’t need to go out every night and get wasted in order to be entertained. I would prefer a homebody, like me. Enjoys watching movies. Independent. Someone who can give me my space and finds theirs as equally important. Is indifferent on the idea of having and raising children. Knowing how to cook would be awesome.

Or, fuck all that and I’ll just take a hot chick and we’ll share our belongings so I can have double the wardrobe and accessories. XD

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@Vunessuh Hot damn. We want the same thing 0.0

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@kissmesoftly Really? Even about the hot chick?

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Someone who understands me, caring, intelligent (but doesn’t to brag about it), sense of humour, sense of style!

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@Vunessuh I can see that. lol

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In this order:

1. Demeanor/body language
2. Shows some interest in me (I’m not the random approach type of guy, there has to be something on both ends here).
3. Facial features, especially the eyes (the windows to the soul).
4. Not too thin, some body shape with curves. Even overweight (as long as they are not extremely overweight).
5. Curvy legs.
6. Done something with their life
7. Ability to have a reasonable serious conversation on certain topics.
8. Not too many past relationships, not someone who sleeps around.
9. Down to earth personality. Sense of humor. Showing off is a major turn off with me.
10. Dressing casually.
11. Someone who minds their own business. Not into gossip.
12. Nice smile, has all/or most of their teeth.

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I want androgyny and intelligence.

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Intelligence, a sense of humor, bright eyes, and some geekyness

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Very well developed integrity and honesty.
Intelligence… I appreciate an intellectual peer, so that we might learn from and teach one another. If they have diverse interests and knowledge from mine, that is a big plus.
Sense of humor, ability to entertain and enjoy doing that.
Big and strong enough to protect me, because I’m not big and have experienced abuse, and a protective nature for the same reasons.
Emotional stability and confidence enough so that they aren’t all about “proving” themselves.
No, it’s not impossible to find all of those qualities in one individual… I have.

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Single would be a bonus otherwise we could work something out :-/
Legs too, nice legs…… No baby talkers!
She has to have her own place also & her own transport too.

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My primary criteria are: similar faith and values, shared interests, ambitions, comparable wattage, an outgoing personality, and a good face particularly the nose, though that’s not a deal-breaker. Especially the intangibles; that is, after all, what you really connect with.
I’m not terribly picky about the particulars of body type; anything between ‘fit’ and ‘a little on the chubby side.’ I appreciate curves both subtle and outstanding. Good legs are a plus.

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Physically: a good strong nose.

Personality: funny, intelligent, caring and compassionate.

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@Vunessuh Sounds like the winner

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Humor, first and foremost. That’s huge. Followed by intelligence, can be empathetic, compassionate, laid back, adventurous, spontaneous, doesn’t take themselves too seriously, not tightly wound, a great ass and hot in the sack, high sex drive (someone who can keep up with me).

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