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When typing a letter in Word, if the line spacing is on "1" then why is the line spacing coming out double-spaced?

Asked by jca (36043points) October 1st, 2010

I am typing a letter in Word, and I made the line spacing at 1. However it’s coming out double spaced. I keep going back to the line spacing, to check as I try to figure out why it’s double spaced. I have looked at other icons in the toolbar, to try to figure out if there’s something I’m missing, but the only thing i can see for my issue is “line spacing” and it is definitely got a check mark at 1, not 1.5, not 2.

Please help!

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Go to format paragraph and make sure it is not adding space after a paragraph. If you hit enter/return, that is the same as ending a paragraph, even if it is just one sentence.

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Paragraph spacing and line spacing are two different things.

Paragraph spacing is between paragraphs. Line spacing is within a paragraph.

Enter starts a new paragraph
Shift+Enter starts a new line (without starting a new paragraph)

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Are you using a “normal” font? If the type is a headline, it might require more space in between the lines.
Also, do you have different formatting within the document? Sometimes it´s hard to switch from one format to another, and the previous formatting may still be the default even if you thought you changed it.

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Highlight the entire area that is spaced incorrectly. Then on the “Format paragraph” menu, look in the lower left corner where it says something about “points”. Sorry I can’t recall the phrasing (I don’t have Word on the computer I am using now). Make sure both of those numbers are “0”.

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See if you are using a double-spaced style. if so, deselect it. there is a generic “no-spacing” style that is the second choice in word 2007. However, the default first choice is Calibri font with spacing—check it.

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Actually @lynfromnm brings up a good point, make sure you highlight the area, and try it again that way.

@jaykay I know line spacing and paragraph spacing are different, but when line spacing wasn’t working I thought maybe he was possibly actually making paragraphs, using enter at the end of each line, as another possibility for why he might be getting the double space. That is why I specifically stated how a paragraph is created, for him to decide whether it was a possibility.

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@JLeslie : (actually I’m a “she”) – the problems were occurring when i was doing the address and date at the top, so i think you and @jaytkay were right – i was pressing enter after the street, enter after the city and zip, and that’s where the double spacing was occurring.

what i ended up doing because i didn’t have time for problem solving when i was working on the letter, was i ended up going to another letter i did, and i did “save as” and then i just typed on top of that one.

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Glad you solved, good-work-around.

Something that wasn’t mentioned is the Show/Hide formattting button. It looks like a bold backwards “P”, makes paragraph marks and ine breaks visible, and makes solving line-spacing and word-spacing problems easier.

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@jca Sorry I used the wrong gender. I think format paragraph would fix it in that case.

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@jca when you type something where you end the line manually, use “soft returns” if you want to maintain single-spacing, that is, hold down the shift key when you hit return.

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