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Which would you choose? A 2009 Pontiac G5 or a 2009 Mitusubishi Eclipse?

Asked by CupcakesandTea (353points) October 1st, 2010

I’m wanting to purchase a used car and I’ve got it narrowed down to a couple that are within my budget. The thing is that I’ve heard bad things about both of these cars (especially the Mitsubishi). Which one is the better one of the two?

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In my experience with Eclipse’s they suck. IMO

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Pontiac dealers evaporate in a couple months .
Work is then done at Chevy? ? ? ?

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The G5’s are nice but since Pontiac is now out of business, they don’t make parts anymore. You’ll be able to get aftermarket parts but no originals if anything ever needs replaced.

The Eclipse would be higher on insurance as well, I would assume being as it’s a sports coup and the G5 is a compact sedan.

Either one is fairly new and both have advantages and disadvantages. Drive them both and decide which you’d rather live with for the next however long you have it.

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@Randy Even though Pontiac has been discontinued they will continue to make parts for the car for the next 20 years, its federal law. Not to mention the G5 is a common car and you will likely be able to find spare parts of junked cars or the net from 3rd party companies for decades to come.

As far as OP, I frankly am not terribly fond of either. My old room mate had like a 2006 eclipse, it was alright but small space. The G5 is more practical, but if you’re trying to go sporty you’re wasting your money and you should just get a sedan, because a G5 is nothing to brag about.

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Pontiac is interesting only as a museum piece now. Pontiac is history. Mitsubishi on the other hand, is the stuff that the Fast and the Furious crowd lives for.

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Find a Pontiac G8 GT
That’s the best Pontiac choice…

(just my opinion)

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I like the Eclipse.

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Neither one. both have really crummy past mechanical histories. forget both of them and look for a Toyota or Honda. you will be glad you did.

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A Pontiac G5 ain’t nothing special. It’s just a rebadged Chevy Cobalt meaning it rides on the same platform, offers the same drivetrain options, and, except for cosmetic differences, pretty much uses all the same parts.

Don’t worry about the Pontiac brand going away. General Motors is still around.

Mitsubishi’s are okay. I’m not real excited about either prospect.

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