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Do you ever give someone a GQ without even answering it?

Asked by Mom2BDec2010 (2669points) October 1st, 2010

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Yes, if it is a question I have been wondering about and am interested in the answers or it just seems to be a really good question.

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Absolutely. Sometimes I don’t know the answer or haven’t experienced what the OP mentions but I think the very question is an interesting thing to ponder.

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Sure, I do. Same reasons as Simone’s and chyna’s. Also sometimes a question has already been adequately answered and I have nothing of interest to add, but I still admire the question. And sometimes it simply sparked a great discussion and I want to say thanks.

For me, giving a GA or a GQ is like applause, and I award it anywhere I think it’s deserved.

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Yep. What ^^ they ^^ said.

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Good questions deserve lurve for sure…and really REALLY good questions deserve unlimited lurve and an “Atta boy!” ! Hello management!!

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Absolutely, for all the same reasons they said!

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There are many technical, philosophical and scientific questions here that I am not qualified to answer, but make me think and want to read more from those who do answer them.

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Yes. Especially if I’m late to the forum and any answer I would have given is already posted.

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All the time.

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I do it. There are many questions I would have asked if I thought of it, and I don’t know the answer, so GQ

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I do it as well. When I first joined Fluther, I rarely gave GQs because I would forget that I could. Now I make sure to give a GQ whenever I feel like it.

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All the time. The question is great, whether I can answer it or not. :)

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Yes. If a question and its details capture my attention, it gets a GQ. Some are followed; a few are not. Two examples:
1.) Is anyone else sad that Nasa’s space shuttle program is shutting down? It is a topic of personal interest, and yet have nothing of value to contribute. I want to follow the the thread to read the answers of others.
2.) Is fluther an appropriate medium for proposing marriage? How can someone read this question and not award it a GQ? And after reading the one response that counted, there was no need to follow it.

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Yes, often.

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I don’t give a GQ if I can answer it. I give them when it is something that makes me go, “Hmmmm, I always wondered about that.”

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Yes, some questions are so good, I’m not good enough to answer them. :-) Sometimes questions are good enough that I think they deserve more thought and attention than I can give them at the time. Or sometimes I’m too lazy to answer them, or sometimes I just don’t feel like answering them. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good question in the first place.

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Sometimes if I feel it was a good question and someone already gave a response I would have. Another time I do this is when it’s a question I’ve always thought about myself but I have no way of answering it.

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Often if it is a subject that interests me but I don’t have an answer. Then I hit the “follow this question” button so I can see how it evolves. Sometimes I will answer later after being inspired by those who go first.

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GQ by the way, heheheh.

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I usually do in the general section if i dont have an answer and want one my self now that the topic has come up.

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