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Yeah, but what about the therapy after a horrific event (film)?

Asked by Blueroses (18203points) October 1st, 2010

Have you ever been irritated at the end of a thriller type film where the good guy comes in victorious, all are saved and it fades out in happy relief? I always wonder what happened the next day when they all realize they were subjected to some nasty stuff.
Are there any good movies that deal with the aftermath?

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This is a great question that I’ve found myself thinking about before as well. Unfortunately, I don’t have a good answer for you off the top of my head, but I’ll sit tight and see if anyone else does/try and come up with one.

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Yes I have, particularly when it dealt with a very horrendous blood bath or someone was kidnapped, raped, kept in a coffin for days or months. No, I don’t know of any movies that do, but I’ll watch this space also.

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There are some movies that give you a tiny look. movies that start at the end, then move to the start and end somewhere round the middle. or movies with retrospect.

[spoiler alert!] – for example the movie american beauty, starts with kevin spacy narrating, he talks of how he is dead now. and you can kind of get a look at his feelings about having been killed.

but yea, nothing quite like what you are asking, you sometimes get to see it in tv series, for example, star trek voyager. there is an episode where they have a big battle with the borg, and the next episode kind of shows the aftermath, all be it interspliced with the subject of the new current episode.

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Yes, @poisonedantidote . There are plenty of examples of film based on tragic results of bad decisions. I’m looking for “They survived. Now what?” Directly after the horror. Addressing the survival.

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I don’t think I have thought about this when movies fade to black, but this irritates me to no end with television (characters die, people move on; someone is raped, people move on; someone is beaten up, their bruises disappear by the next scene.) The Magic Reset Button of television screws up my ability to suspend disbelief while watching most shows.

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See the movie Fearless (1993).

The entire movie is about this subject. Great stuff!

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@ipso Great suggestion. Thank you.

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Lovely Bones is the only one I can think off the top of my head. I haven’t seen the movie but is was tremendously sad book.

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@tranquilsea, that’s actually a really interesting and outside-the-box suggestion, and I’m surprised I didn’t think of it, since it’s my second favorite book!

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I just recently read it so it is rather fresh for me.

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It’s because most of the time the movie is about the horrific event, not really about the people. It could be anybody in those circumstances and it would make little difference. When I wonder about what happens next, I just make it up myself.

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But aren’t movies supposed to make us care about the characters? Don’t you ever wonder what happened to Danny after The Shining? Did he get teased at school?
“Hey! Didn’t your psycho daddy try to kill you?”

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There is a novel called Before and After which I believe was made into a movie. It is about a family coping with the teenager son who is accused of murder. I think Wiilam Hurt played the father and possibily Merryl Streep the mother. Also, Ordinary People is about a family coping wiht the death of a son. And Atom Egoyan’s The Sweet Hereafter is a brilliant film about a schoolbus accident. All three are quietly devastating.

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@janbb I thought of The Sweet Hereafter too, just a few minutes ago. What a movie.

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@janbb‘s The Sweet Hereafter is a good call.

Also along the lines of grief:
– In the Bedroom (2001)
– The Door in the Floor (2004)

These also come to mind relative to “after the fact” stories, or “what happened to them”:
– Flashbacks of a Fool (2008) movies with great music are the best.
– The Claim (2000)
– Texasville (1990)

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@ipso In the Bedroom was excellent too.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I haven’t seen some of those. I was just thinking that in the action genre, I guess Lethal Weapon would fit too.

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