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Can I download mp3s from NPR shows?

Asked by Carly (4550points) October 2nd, 2010

I want to use an audio clip in a class movie I’m making, i will not be producing or showing more than one copy. The audio will be used over video that I’m shooting, just like a clip of music.

Is there a way/place I can download npr shows that I like?

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Look for podcasts on the shows’ web sites or the iTunes store (they are free, even if they are in the iTunes store).

If not available, you can record off a radio station’s Internet stream.

I have used Replay AV for many years to do this and can highly recommend it.
The same company has a free application, Freecorder, which I just discovered today. I haven’t tried it.

At a glance, I think the big difference between Replay AV and Freecorder (besides $50) is scheduling. You set up times and stations for Replay AV, and it automatically grabs them. It looks like you have to hit the Start and Stop button with Freecorder.

Replay AV


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If you go to, the clips will be there.

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When you go to a particular story on NPR’s website such as this one:
you’ll see a place to click that says “Listen to the Story.” To the right of that there’s a small button that says “Download” that will download an MP3 to the location of your choice.

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omg, i didn’t even see that option. Well.. that was truly a poorly asked Fluther question. >_<

Thanks everyone! Sorry for the trouble

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