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What is something you would want to do again just one more time?

Asked by Cruiser (40449points) October 2nd, 2010

Not as a do over, but what would be one thing you did in your life that more than likely you will never do again but you would love to do again just one more time?

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I suppose you mean unique answers. Everyone wants to see dead people and dead places.

I’d like to have another shot at making my own fireworks, I’m sure I could do better.

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Sex with my ex. She’s crazy as a loon but man!…. That was some good sex.

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Sex period. At the rate I’m going, I’ll never have it again. :-)

@randy Why is it the best sex is __always__ with the crazies?

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Go to the beach with my dad! Ever since he got sick, we’ve been unable to do very many things together. The best he can do is go out to eat or go to the movies. I spent the majority of my time growing up in water and he was always there beside me, so it would be nice to find a way to get him to the beach at least one last time so he can be out in nature and see if he can actually swim in the ocean and enjoy himself. He deserves that.

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Have a baby. Talk to my parents. Move back to New Zealand.

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Road trip up and down the California coastline but this time with my partner to show him all my favorites places.

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But seriously, if I had another chance, it would be to go to Hong Kong again.

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Climb trees.
I had no fear when i was a boy, so climbing trees and buildings and rooftops was a piece of cake and much fun.
These days i have to watch my steps to not fall over any possible twings that lay on my path…

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@Vunessuh That is a great re-do! I hope you do get a chance to get out to the beach or at the very least the boardwalk with your Dad!

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See him once more and speak with him.

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Hunt for the hidden treasure chest in our grandparent’s house with all of the cousins.

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It’s not too terribly extciting, but hunting for easter eggs at my grandma’s house. It’s only for the little kids now, of course. But it was really exciting when there was a big group of us and all our parents were telling us where the eggs were.

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Pick blackberries from my grandparents’ garden and help Grandma bake peanut butter cookies. Wow, that was eons ago.

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Live my life again from 16 – 25. The best 10 years of my youth!! :)

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Two week road trip with my grandsons.
Visit with my oldest son in Sweden.

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I want to go on another 2 week solo road trip.Yes,I do :)

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@chyna That is the way it always seems to go.

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I’m so glad @Randy said it, because I was thinking it when I saw this question. Yeah, I would love to have sexytime with one of my exes. I have never experienced sex like that before, it was unreal. Like, soul-melding, transcendent, intense, super hot, loving, forget-the-world sex.

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Hold my newborn baby.

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Help this friend of mine make a movie, which is very likely to happen. That was the best 3 days of my life. He’s an amazing guy, and I hope I’m lucky enough to know him as a celebrity, which is going to happen.

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Spending time with people that I was close with who aren’t alive today. Good memories then. I don’t have any real “friends” anymore, just acquaintances it seems.

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Good luck with your friends movie @ChocolateReigns Making movies is a minor passion of mine and is an amazingly fun time doing it!

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