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A beginners' guide to 'Pranayama'?

Asked by albert_e (529points) October 2nd, 2010

‘Pranayama’ was recently suggested by a physician to alleviate and de-risk respiratory disorders.

Can someone suggest a good beginners’ guide for Pranayama?—a book / video / web-site / etc.


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I would check out local yoga studios and see if they have a class specializing in Pranayama. Pranayama breathing is an important part of ashtanga yoga, something I’ve practised for 12 years.

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For 9 years I was taking a very strong cardiac drug that is harmful to the lungs (also thyroid and liver) in which it is known to cause lung fibrosis. In an effort to keep my lungs from developing fibrosis I used a devise called “Power Breath”. It makes your lungs and diaphragm work hard which builds lung volume and strength. When I finally stopped taking the destructive cardiac drug my lung volume was so huge I blew the reading off the chart in a pulmonary test.

I’ve discovered another great exercise for the lungs which is didgeridoo playing. Didgeridoo playing builds very powerful lungs and skilled breath control.

Good health!

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Yes, I suggest you look into the deceast Swami Rama for insight. He was observed at the Menninger Foundation in Topeka Kansas while he voluntarily stopped his heart.
The school he founded here in Minneapolis provided me with some valuable breathing instructions. I remember one and it was called Nadi Shodhan and it will show you how how to observe how restricted your breathing really is, hopefully not both nostrils, and how to relieve it Each nostril is predominant in breathing throughout the day and changing cyclically. You can check out there site, you may find it of some interest, and don’t forget your Neti Dish.

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Start here at Yoga Journal tons of free links to pages and pages on this wonderful breathing technique. Take a private class from a yoga instructor who specializes in Pranayama practice.

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The pranayama portion of Yoga Mind and Body is very good if you ask me. That was my favorite book for beginners’ classes for pranayama and…just about everything else. The writing is very clear, precise, and correct, and the illustrations are just as good.

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