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What does "we should live life to it's fullest" mean to you?

Asked by Aster (18865points) October 2nd, 2010

I wonder just what percentage of us obey this lofty suggestion? Does it mean go hand-gliding,
climb mountains, take up causes, work in soup kitchens with nary a moment wasted? Or can it mean read a good book, hold a baby, pet a dog?
The latter seems to me to be a nice, minor activity in most ordinary days and can exist in a life wasted away, not lived to it’s fullest. How do you feel?

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To me it means to make the most of opportunities that present themselves, and to be on the look out for these opportunities so that when they come along I don’t miss them. It also means (for me) to allow myself to fully experience whatever feeling I am having, be that happiness, sadness, love, loss… Reading a good book is part of living life to it’s fullest, because it is the act of broadening my mind and experiencing a beautiful artform… Holding a baby is part of living life to it’s fullest because I marvel at how amazing an achievement creating a baby is…

I think what I’m really saying, is that it is not what you do that determines living life to it’s fullest, it’s how you do [approach] it.

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For me it means to live life the way you want to. Of course it can’t always be like that but, you should try to do so when you can!

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I have been living this concept since I was 17 ( or at least I try to best as I can) when my uncle took me aside and said…“son….if I could do it all over again I would live each day like there is no tomorrow! Don’t make the mistake I did and don’t take the safe easy route and tear it up like each day was your last.” LITS ;)

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I think to me it just means that it’s better to not waste your time on small petty (or sometimes big) things that get the best of you – just get over them and move on, move on to things that you enjoy doing, period. Basically do things what you WANT to do, and don’t waste time on things you don’t want to do, that’s like a waste of life. Life should be about doing what you want and that makes you happy (within reasonable bound though – ie not harming anyone or anything in the process).

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