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What do you think ends a three year friendship?

Asked by remambermee (442points) October 2nd, 2010

Suddenly we’re not friends anymore. I don’t know what I did wrong or what happened. We said we’ve meant a lot to each other and that we’ll always be friends. It felt like over night a decision was made to just end it. We haven’t talked for like a week before it happened. So I don’t know. :/ Do I talk to you about it? I don’t know how much you mean to me anymore…

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A million and one things. My guess is that if you’ve lost a friend you know why.

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Maybe your still friends.
If you honestly can’t think of the/any reason try talking with him/her.
I had a friend I was friends with since the second grade and they suddenly had to go to a new school in the fifth grade. I thought our friendship ended but she didn’t. In the seventh grade we started talking again and are now good friends again. Your friend could just want time alone or something.

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Did they actually say that you aren’t friends anymore? Sometimes shit happen and you can’t devote as much time into people. Or new people come along so you spend less time with other people. I haven’t talked to my best friend that lives across town in about three months. That is life, we are busy trying to stay alive. We are still friends, we just haven’t talked in a few months.

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Talk to them. They are the only one that can tell you what’s going on. She/he may be going through a tough spot right now and the delay has nothing to do with your friendship.

The bottom line is you’ll never know for sure unless you talk to them.

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Thank you you guys.

And johnpowell, yes the words we’re not friends anymore was said so I don’t knowww.

And if I were to talk to them, what do I even say? :o

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How about, “Hey we haven’t talked in a while. What’s going on with you? I hope everything is ok.”

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what if they give me attitude or completely ignore me?

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The words “We’re not friends anymore” were said with no other explanation? The most likely reasons are that, true or false, they found out you talked about them behind their back in a way you shouldn’t talk about a friend, that you betrayed a confidence, that you lied to them about something, or that you both have the same romantic interest.

Could any of those things be true? Is there anyone who would tell the other person untruths about you?

You are only going to find out by talking to them. If you can’t talk, then at least send them an e-mail telling them that you have no idea why your relationship ended.

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Why do you think they said you weren’t friends any more?

Is that person on fluther?

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I feel like the question is worded carefully to avoid saying something. I’d look for a clue in whatever is being avoided.

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I don’t know.
I think from the day we met eachother, once in awhile we had really bad fights. And I think it got to me to the point where I I can’t do this anymore. so like we talked, and it led to that. soo maybe im at fault or we both are? i have no idea.

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I assume this is the Andrew/Stephen triangle that you’ve written about on your blog?

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You seem to be pretty evasive about what was said, so we can’t really tell you what ended your friendship. My only advice is to call that person and talk to them. If you email and they don’t answer, you will always wonder if they actually received, read the email.

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no not really. yes its andrew. but steven, she’s like another story….
I was just writing two different things… and just andrew got mentioned in hers so yeahhh

and true, chyna.

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