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Do you think it would be nice if we could award fellow jellies a special award?

Asked by partyparty (9139points) October 4th, 2010

Recently I asked a question on Fluther and one jelly in particular didn’t just answer my question, they offered to help with the problem I had.

Don’t you think it would be nice to be able to give a special award to fellow Jellies who have gone over and above just answering your question? A mere thanks doesn’t seem sufficient.

Perhaps awarding them a gold star or even a smiley face would be lovely. I almost feel humbled at times by the help I am given after asking a question.

What do you think?

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I like your idea. There is a difference when jellys go above and beyond the call. GA’s sometimes seem a little light in view of the effort. :)

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@Adirondackwannabe Yes GA almost seems inadequate doesn’t it?

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@partyparty Yes. I have had some responses that just stopped me in my tracks, for whatever reason. A little higher honor would be nice. Or honour as you would say. :)

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It would be a nice idea for one of those secret Atlantis awards, that could be given anonymously by another user.

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There are some other sites where the OP has the option of marking a response as “Best Answer” and have often wondered it that might be something that could be added to Fluther.

Personally, I like reading follow-up from the OP on what action they have decided to take, be it based upon my advice or someone else’s.

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I don’t think we need any more awards. Just carry a warm feeling toward that jellie in your heart.

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It’s a nice gesture, but do we come here for special awards?. A personal thanks via PM would be more heartfelt (IMO).

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Yes. And, it is called…


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@downtide Yes sounds good to me!
@Pied_Pfeffer Yes just so we jellies know this person has gone way beyond just answering a question. I didn’t know other sites had similar things, thanks
@marinelife I will be forever grateful for the help this jelly gave me.
@AmWiser No I don’t think we do come here for special awards, but when someone has done something outstanding… just offering to help… surely deserves something special other than a GA or thanks, don’t you think?
@ChazMaz I have already thanked this person, but I just thought an extra little something to show my appreciation would be nice :)
@bob_ Aw… don’t be mean… where is your generosity? :)

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Are we talking about one of these kind of awards??

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@partyparty Oh, I’m generous. In bed.



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How about cold,hard cash? or doughnuts ;)

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@lucillelucillelucille Or… do I even need to say it? XD

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@bob_ But in this case, you’d have to earn a sandwich.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Are you saying I don’t? D:

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@lucillelucillelucille Again, I do scream.

In bed!

Heh XD

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@Cruiser If that would make you happy then I am sure it could be arranged… only for you though LOLL!!
@bob_ Oooh glad to hear you are such a generous person :)
@lucillelucillelucille Make mine jam and cream doughnut pleeeezeee :)))

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How about The Platinum Pancake Award via PM.

Just a little something you could drop in their box (so to speak).

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No. I think the pleasure of doing something nice for someone is all the reward needed. No one is stopping you from giving appreciation in your own way.

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Yes something for the nice people. And, while we are at it. It is a good opportunity to let the loosers know how loosery they are.

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Yes, if you think they went above and beyond the call of duty, then thank them yourself. Tell them exactly what their answer meant to you. That’s far more reward than any gold star would be. If you feel it necessary to publicly acknowledge them, then you can thank them publicly, below their answer.

One thing that’s nice about fluther is that it works very hard to make sure people feel equal and equally valued. There are no competitions and pretty much few questions asking folks to rank each other are allowed or are asked. Ranking leads to bad feelings—there will always be people who feel like they have done just as well, but are not recognized. It’s a bad feeling when no one recognizes you, and causes people to leave.

There are a number of sensitive people here. Many people with depression or bipolar disorder or what-have-you are more sensitive to these perceived sleights than other jellies are. It can be very damaging, believe it or not, to see others picked out for awards and to feel overlooked or unappreciated. The fewer of these kinds of things we have, the better the atmosphere will be.

It’s difficult for many people to understand this, because they never felt very bad about themselves. I’ve seen this kind of thing be disastrous and lead to mass out-migrations from other sites. Of course, those out-migrations were fluther’s gain. But it could happen to fluther, too. So far, they have been wise enough to resist.

I think they should go further and ban any question that asks people to rank others in any way at all. People think they are doing a nice thing by calling people out for praise. They forget what happens to those who do not get praised—some of who do just as well as those who did get praised, but, for whatever reason, are forgotten when the time for praise comes.

If you have something to say, I think it is perfectly fine to say it privately. It really makes a difference to me when people thank me. A huge difference. Isn’t that what matters, anyway? That the person who helped you knows how much it meant to you?

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What I would like is the ability to award a fellow jelly some of my own lurve for something special. I would like to be able to, in effect, draw on my account (which I can’t spend on anything else anyway) and transfer it to the jelly of my choice. My own score would decline accordingly. I could give fifty points to @wundayatta for his suggestion above (and I would), and my number would go down by fifty.

I know that when I think “I wish I could give you 10 GA’s for that answer,” I can go find 10 of the jelly’s other answers and click them, and their points will go up if I haven’t maxed out. But once I have—too bad. I fully support the maximums and think they are one key to the integrity of fluther. But I’d like to have the option to give away my earned lurve without regard to maxes.

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Temporary pancake icon next to a user’s name for 24 hours. I recommend this one.

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@Fred931 At very least a bunny with a pancake on its head . . . .

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@Kayak8 That was a failure of a meme. I hadn’t seen it before until now, and this is a spinoff of Batman riding an elephant, which is also probably a spinoff of something else…

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Yes that seems like a good idea.

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No, except for maybe what @Jeruba said. If you ask a question, which is the circumstance you have described in your details, you already have an option to “thank them” and to thank them in as much detail as you care to. Thanking someone for his or her answer via the “thank @soandso” option when you ask a question and they give a better than great answer, when they go above and beyond “the call of duty” seems not only good enough, but better than simply giving them an award like a gold star, at least to me.

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I deserve the special award.

Special as in retarded.

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Daddy special! Daddy special! [claps hands and jumps up and down]

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