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Which award do you have the most of?

Asked by erichw1504 (26433points) October 14th, 2011

Go to your profile and then click on the Awards tab. Hover over each award for a second or two and it will give you an explanation as well as how many times you have gotten it.

Which of the Fluther awards do you claim the most of? How many times have you been awarded it? Why do you think this is? Do you often persue awards or generally ignore them?

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Herman Melville: 626

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Wayne Greet-zky: 237

SpatzieLover's avatar

Starfish: 438

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Starfish 142 :-/

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Herman Melville: 146.

I gave up following awards when I found out the ones I wanted were broken!

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Herman Melville: awarded 1023

Bitches ain’t shit.

I also think it is notable to mention that I have been awarded the Feeding Frenzy award 21 times.

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Herman Melville: a meager 106. I droop my tentacles with deflation.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Dang son, you done whooped my ass!

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Herman Melville – 419
Should Fluther have a Stephenie Meyer award for posting something dumb and mindless that gets tons of GAs?

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Herman M.: 476

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Starfish: 1430 (pursue)

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I have a whopping 666 Herman Melville awards.

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Herman Melville: 204

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Starfish award 63 times

what does that mean

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Herman Melville 427 followed by Starfish at 262

@SuperMouse satan!! :P

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@GabrielsLamb: The OP wrote;

Go to your profile and then click on the Awards tab. Hover over each award for a second or two and it will give you an explanation as well as how many times you have gotten it.

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Starfissh 598.
I thought it would have been perfecto fish, but I can’t find it.

Facade's avatar

The Exhibitionist award. Go figure!

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Starfish 340.

syz's avatar

Melville 937
Starfish 691
Hemingway 217
Perfectofish 109

zensky's avatar

This zen or all of them?

wundayatta's avatar

Starfish: 1433

Melville: 1304

blueiiznh's avatar

Starfish: 351

saving up to cash them in on some x-ray spec’s

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Add me to the frikkin’ Herman Melville group. 343

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Herman Melville: 990. I’m surprised I only have 8 Feeding Frenzy, I thought I’d been more involved in some of the slammers. I have 60 Exhibitionist, though, so I guess I just follow the crowd around…

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@zensky I’d like to see the compilation scores

AmWiser's avatar

^^ That would be something to see. Too bad after an account is closed all the information is gone. Or is it?

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@AmWiser If anyone knows the answer to that, it will be a Zen

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I bet Auggie could figure it out. You know, with all her spare time… :/

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Starfish 891
Wayne Greetsky 844
Herman Melville 684
Davy Jones Revenge 112
(Circumnavigator twice, should have been 8 by now).
I’m one of 17 with a Blackbeard

Plus I should have gotten the DrewBen award twice, but they don’t have one (Anniversaries)

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586 Herman Melville
455 Starfish
430 Perfecto-Fish

(I don’t pursue them. Perfecto-Fish is the only one I really pay attention to because apparently I have more of them than anyone else on the site, but I don’t pursue it).

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Sorry @DominicX another jelly has 452.

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Starfish 1,177
Herman 1,061

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I have almost 1000 Herman Melvilles, and over 700 Wayne Greet-skys, but the one I am most proud of is the Siren Song. That means over 100 jellies are following me. It’s nice to think that so many people have an interest.

JilltheTooth's avatar

<runs and looks> Yep, @filmfann , I helped with that!

DominicX's avatar

@AmWiser My only claim to fame gone :( Now who is this mystery Lord of OCD? :P

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Starfish 627
Herman Melville 533

Ela's avatar

All I got was a rock : (

(38 Starfishes)

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Herman Melville 2019
Starfish 1042
Ernest Hemingway 341
Wayne Greet-zky 225
Davey Jones’ Revenge 220
I’m surprised to see that I only have 4 Feeding Frenzies!

The one I’m proudest not to have: Perfecto-Fish :p


Perfecto Fish. 188 times.

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My computer is messed up and I don’t know how to fix it. I know what hover box you’re talking about, it’s useful all over the net. (and off) But when I hover over most of anything, a tiny yellow box pops up, with no text in it. Denno how to fix it, so I can’t see the number of times I got anything. That’s been going on for a while.

If there was an award for digging up rubber boots out of highway ditches though, I’d be queen of it.

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Well if it was the one for visiting 30 days in a row I would have the most of that, but

Starfish, 213 times

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Davey Jone’s Revenge 186 Why do you think this is? Because new Jellies came in that had not formed an opinion, or bias yet.

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From what I can see, you have 624 Starfish ;-).

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Herman Melville, 293 times.

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I’ve been awarded Sunken Treasure 3 times, which is kinda neat… and like @augustlan no Perfecto Fish! (Which now I finally understand thanks to a pm a couple of weeks ago!)

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Herman Melville, 71 times. I’ve pursued some awards, but just as @linguaphile said, I lost interest when I found out that several were broken. It kind of makes me feel like I arrived at the party too late.

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@dappled_leaves, my sentiments, exactly:(

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Herman Melville, 225 times. I feel so behind everyone else! :-(

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I want the pillow award for the most zombie hugging.

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Starfish: 748

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Herman Melville 218
Starfish 180
Davey Jones 81

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