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Why do people ask questions on this or any "answer" source?

Asked by theponywars (7points) October 4th, 2010

Is it lack of motivation to look up the information, or is this actually faster than “googling” the question?

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It’s infinitely funner here, and much more than just a “search for information” site. It’s also a “search for insight” site.

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Google can not answer all questions. It’s not a person. It doesn’t understand feelings.

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For me personally, I like getting answers from people I have come to trust with my time spent on the site. I’ve also noticed that I could get more information by asking something here because people will branch off a bit when talking about it. That can be really helpful when you are trying to find answers for something and you really don’t know what all you need to know yet.

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BTW, welcome aboard!

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If you think fluther is about getting answers to questions, you are listing about a 5th of its amazing aspects. You’ll see once you hang around more.

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People use Q&A sites because they think a real person might have already had the same experience/has the knowledge one is looking for and can get a more personalized answer by asking that way. People use Fluther over other Q&A sites because we’re awesome.

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