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Can you recommend any music that sounds like the soundtrack to Final Fantasy IV?

Asked by Qingu (21165points) October 4th, 2010

Like, heavy on arpeggios, epic and mysterious sounding, very melodic, electronica without being too synthy-sounding.

I understand there is a whole genre of music called “chiptunes” now that tries to mimic old Nintendo music, but is any of it unironically aaaawesome like FF4’s music is?

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isn’t that the one with kain and cecil? ive played the game, but i haven’t heard the cd titled ‘ff iv soundtrack’. from what i can tell, the music is strikingly similiar to that of chrono trigger. they had the same composer if im not mistaken

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‘Twas with Kain and Cecil. But FF4 was Nobuo Uematsu; Chrono Trigger was Yasunori Mitsuda (who was also awesome).

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Check out the Final Fantasy VI musical score. I think it’s the best ever.

Here’s a good one…

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Mmm, I love FF6, but I like FF4’s music the best. (I actually think the instrumentation itself sounds a lot better on 4 than on 5 or 6, for some reason)

I mean, I’ve heard all of the Final Fantasy series’ music; I’m really looking for new music that resembles it. It is surprising to me that no electronica artists use that style.

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FF9 is fairly close

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