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Anyone recommend some good chiptunes?

Asked by noservice (335points) February 21st, 2012

I’ve always been a fan of chiptune music since the NES days but I’m having some trouble finding new stuff out there; I’m pretty much limited to video game soundtracks. So if anyone can recommend some independent stuff (artist, albums, etc.) or good places to look for it, I’d greatly appreciate it.

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The entire VVVVVV soundtrack is stellar, as is the soundtrack from Edge.

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I love the VVVVVV soundtrack! But I haven’t heard Edge. Thank you, I will give it a go =]

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have you checked out virt? here’s a SAMPLE

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Better late to the party than never I guess. . .
I Fight Dragons is one of my personal favorites, though they are more of a rock-chiptune combination.

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