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How do you like your steak?

Asked by Trillian (21116points) October 4th, 2010

I just cooked up a lovely Delmonico steak in a skillet on the stove. Ok, I admit, I fried it. I melted some butter, pre seasoned with accent (that’s right, pure MSG) and poked with a fork. I fried it for about six minutes and it’s exactly the shade of pink that I like. Then I took it out, added just a bit of water to the pan and cooked it down and poured the lot overtop. Mmmmm. How do y’all cook yours? Do you start with a particular cut? Like it rare? Medium? Well done?
I knew a guy who grilled his and stuck in bits of raw garlic. That was pretty good too.

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jealoussss. medium rare, can’t remember the one i don’t like but it’s very striated (muscle-y, i don’t know if striated is the word). love new york strip and most other cuts. marinated however, with good steak sauces/dips but if the meat is good enough, it doesn’t need nuffin’!

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Depends on the quality of the steak, if it’s sashimi grade or Kobe, I’m eating it rare. Harris ranch or anything else of equal quality, rare. and it progresses on and on from there depending on its quality.

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Rare. Always.

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I used to hate to see any pink because it would remind me of blood (well, well done- like beef jerky). However, a couple of weekends ago, I tried one medium rare and it was soooo good (I tried it with my eyes closed) I think I’m a convert now. Probably Medium though, baby steps….

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When it comes to frying a steak instead of grilling I prefer a London Broil. I usually will marinate the steak in worcestershire sauce overnight. I don’t like butter too much. I will usually buy fresh steakcut mushrooms, not canned or jarred mushrooms. I saute the onions and mushrooms in some olive oil then I add the London Broil.

The large amount of gravy you get from this type of steak combined with the fresh mushrooms and onions is all the flavor I need. I prefer a steak tender and well done unless I’m grilling then I prefer medium rare.

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Medium rare. Or chicken fried. I could really go for a chicken-fried steak right now.

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Medium-rare to medium (at the most). My husband is really good at seasoning steaks when he cooks them, but I don’t know what he uses when he seasons them.

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Whoops, I meant raw with sashimi or Kobe.

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I like London broils. I marinate them for a couple or three days (!) in the refrigerator in some good Italian salad dressing, then sear it on a very hot grill and cook it medium. Generally, since I’m usually only cooking for myself, I cut the cooked piece into quarters, and have the first quarter hot the first night, and the next three I eat cold later in the week.

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Still on the cow, alive.

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I’m with @AstroChuck I like a nice rib-eye or porterhouse that I have simply cut off a recently slaughtered steer with my buck knife. No, or very little actual cooking required. Really, just kidding, but I do like my steak very rare.

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Hoo boy was that good. I wanted to enjoy that with someone, so thanks all. So is my son a freak of nature that he likes his well done?
@CyanoticWasp, that sounds kinda good. What is a london broil? I mean, is that a particular cut of meat? Is that like a flank steak or what? Because you reminded me that I sometimes marinate a flank staek for about 24 hours in teriaki sauce, then broil it, slice and serve over jasmine rice or bean sprouts. That rocks.

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Rare to medium rare, T-bone on the grill. If you do it right you don’t need no sauce. With some corn on the cob also roasted on the grill.

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@WestRiverrat Butter and salt?

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Olive oil and a dry rub.

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On the corn?

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Corn dipped in smoked paprika butter sauce.

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Ooooo. Nice.

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I have a little gas burner set up on the deck because I always set off the smoke alarm when I cook steak inside. I have one of those grill pans and I spray it with oil then heat it til it starts to smoke. Slap the steak on and it gets those pretty little marks from the grill. I like steaks about inch and a half thick so about 4 minutes on each side does it just right. I season with a mixture of sea salt, chili flakes, rosemary and there is something else in there but I forget what. I try to let it “rest” before I eat it but I am usually too hungry.

And I buy only free range grass fed beef. Makes it a bit more chewy but so flavorsome and delicious. Plus I don’t feel guilty about the life the beast led for the way it was killed.

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Somewhere between medium and three quarters. If waiters knew their math, I’d ask for it five eights.

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Rare to the point that it can almost say muuu

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Um, yeah, that was five eighths or 5/8

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Well done. I avoid it if is even a little pink.

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It’s so interesting, so many like it so rare. Medium for me, pink inside, not bloody. Grilled onions and fresh mushrooms on top. Grass fed, free range, no hormones or antibiotics, please. I like it grilled. I had a wonderful steak that had been seasoned with a dry rub, the other day, oh, it was wonderful! Oh, and it’s always great to have fillet mignon, of course, oooh so tender! Yum!

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Medium. ribeye cut is my favorite. I love Lawry’s seasoning salt on it and pepper. NO STEAK SAUCE. That is sacreligious.

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Medium rare. :)

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And just to piss everyone off. I cover my well done steak in ketchup. Or I make a burrito out of it.

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Waved over a candle :-)

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@OreetCocker Lmao….good. Many years ago when I was doing lots of traveling due to my job, i ran across a guy that ate his RAW….....when we went out to eat with the crew, i made it a point to not sit next to him.

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@Trillian I should know, but I don’t. Butchers in the Northeast are good at labeling the cuts that will make a good one as simply “London broil” (which is an error, apparently). It has a particular look that I’m familiar with now, but I’m still not certain where it comes from. If you haven’t already looked it up, here it is.

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I like mine medium to medium rare cooked on the grill with alittle salt.
—If I’m really hungry,I won’t wait and will just take down a cow like a wolf XD—Steak is good.Yay steak! :)

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Depends on the slab of beef. Pan blackened sirloins at 2 am after a night of partying can’t be beat. But for the most part grilled on the Weber is the way I like my meat.

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@poisonedantidote Hehehehe “There will be a slight delay while the cook kills the dinner. She tried to serve it the way it was but it bit her on the leg.” (Benchly, P.)

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Rub a little freshly milled black pepper and olive oil onto a fillet steak. Add to a hot pan for 2 – 2½ minutes per side, leave on a plate for 5 minutes to rest. If you have juices in the pan, add a little red wine to deglaze and pour over, Serve with Jersey Royal potatoes and asparagus

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Pittsburgh rare – - Seared outside and COLD in the middle.

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@johnpowell I quiver at thought!!!! QUIVER

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Blue (very, very, very rare)

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Told it’s been cooked plated and served.

Walked through a warm room.

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@BoBo1946 sounds beautiful! Must admit though, my wife usually sits on the other side if the table when I eat it :-)

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@johnpowell- Is there anything you don’t make a burrito out of?

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@AstroChuck that is the beauty of a burrito. You can put anything in one that you want.

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@AstroChuck I could make a burrito out of a taco.

Damn, I’m getting hungry, and I just ate a little while ago.

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@CyanoticWasp Can you make a taco out of a burrito? Just curious.

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@lillycoyote good question. I don’t make tacos, so I can’t say right off the bat. But I do make by-god burritos. Some days I only eat one meal, and that meal is a single burrito. You can imagine what it might look like.

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I like steaks cooked medium rare and seasoned with Montreal steak spice.

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