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What's the BEST/your favorite marinade for steak & chicken?

Asked by SamIAm (8695points) December 24th, 2009

For Christmas, my family sent me a box of Ohama Steaks – chicken, burgers, dogs, steaks, potatoes – but I just started eating meat a few months ago. There’s this amazing place in NY that bottles their marinade, but I don’t have that here. What are your favorite ways to flavor a steak, chicken, burgers? I prefer homemade recipes, but I am open to using a store bought products too!

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If the steak is good enough, DON’T marinate it. But to help a cheap cut, I use Dale’s.

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For flank steak try some soy sauce, mirin, chopped garlic, grated fresh ginger and a few drops of Asian sesame oil.

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Olive oil, Garlic, Lemon (fresh squeezed). Salt &Pepper, to taste.

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jack daniels yummm

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@pdworkin – that sounds good!

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It is good. When you grill it, the mirin caramelizes so you get both a nice crust, and a little tinge of sweetness.

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Dark soy sauce (large bottle), brown sugar to taste, one clove of garlic(crushed, not minced), ½ tsp Tabasco, ¼ tsp Five Spice Powder (Chinese), 1 TBS fresh grated ginger root. Let marinade for about 1 hour. Bon apetit! You can substitute curry powder for the five spice for a slightly different taste.

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Lemon or Garlic Salt

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I don’t marinate beef, but I like light Italian dressing to marinate chicken in. It gives good flavor for grilling or baking.

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Ginger root, soy sauce, brown sugar, smoke sauce, a bit of olive oil (to make the marinade stick.) Too yummy.

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How odd that you should ask. When I was in Italy, the Phillippino (?) community sold this amazingly delicious meat pieces on a stick that had been grilled. I asked and asked. I got several answers and they were all a bit different, and a bit similar. I put together what they all told me and came up with….
Slice the steak, roast beef or chicken into strips. I usually use a nice roast or chicken and have the butcher at the store do it.
I rarely measure, the nose is the best indicator but here goes an approximation…. start the marinade with pineapple juice and soy sauce. Maybe almost a whole can (I think they’re 32 ounces) of juice. The type you have to open with a triangle can opener. Add a bottle of soy.(18 – 20 oz) Take 3–4 cloves or toes of garlic. Peel all the paper off them and smash each one with a can or hammer. Drop them in. Chop about a half of a small white onion. Chop it tiny. Add some crushed red pepper, lots. Add a couple dashes of vermouth, and ½ to a full cup of lemon juice. It should smell really strong. Now put all the meat in and leave it to soak in the fridge for 24 hours. Keep it covered or the whole fridge will smell like the mix. Take the meat and skewer it on wooden sticks. Grill and eat. People will beg you to make more. ;-)

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@Trillian I’ve found that using lemon juice in a marinade, especially on chicken, and letting it sit long than 10 minutes gives the meat an….unsavory looking appearance, since lemon juice is an acid….?

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I use a combination of soy sauce, pressed garlic, sherry, and oil -either just vegetable or sesame oil. I let the meat marinate for about 6–8 hours. If I am marinating beef chunks for shish kebab and want a more Greek flavor, I will add lemon juice to the soy sauce mix and leave out the sherry.

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Here’s what I would do – take several of the ideas you receive, and place the different sauces in several zip lock bags, then distribute the meats into each bag. That way you will be able to take advantage of all the ideas you receive.

My suggestion, your favorite barbque sauce in the bag.

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I have to agree with @stratman37 the best steaks don’t require a marinade and should be enjoyed au naturel off the grill.

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For boneless chicken breasts, I simply put ground black pepper and garlic powder on them and marinate in bottled Teryaki sauce. You only need to let them marinate for an hour or two. Grill them and they’re really tasty and tender.

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Marinate either chicken or steak in red wine over night :)

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