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Where you live, is there a juvenile curfew law?

Asked by john65pennington (29187points) October 4th, 2010

Some states and cities have juvenile curfew laws and some do not. There is a big debate now in Seattle over the rights of juveniles and a law dealing with curfew hours for them. My state has strict juvenile curfew laws, but apparently many other states do not. Question: Does your city or state have juvenile curfew laws? If so, please define this law, where you live.

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Yeah. I live in Jackson, Mississippi and if you’re under the age of 18 you’re supposed to be indoors by 11, but no one follows it and it isn’t enforced.

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We have curfews on post here. They vary depending on the age and time of year, but here and here are two documents discussing the ages and the curfew times. I’m really surprised by how late the curfew is.

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“The Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) 45.03 states:

It is unlawful for any minor under the age of eighteen (18) to be present in or upon any public street, highway, road, curb area, alley, park, playground, or other public ground, public place, or public building, place of amusement or eating place, vacant lot or unsupervised place between the hours of 10 p.m. on any day and sunrise of the immediately following day; provided. . .” (from there it lists exceptions, which can be read at the source).

We don’t have a state curfew law in California. Curfews are enforced on a local level.

It’s kind of a funny story because I had NO idea we had any sort of curfew. I’m surprised I have never been questioned by anyone on patrol before. Not that I get into any shenanigans.

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I actually had to look this one up, as I wasn’t sure. Apparently, there is. Between 10pm and 6am, minors are not allowed to be in any public place or “on the premises of any establishment” within the city, unless accompanied by a parent/guardian or a few other exceptions.

I have no idea how much it’s enforced, but my guess is not very much. The city PD has enough to deal with.

Very similar to @muppetish , which makes sense since I’m also in So. Cal.

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I recently read that our city has a curfew law, but there is some questions as to whether it is legal as written.

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New York City doesn’t have a curfew for juveniles, though the city council’s been arguing about establishing one for years.

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I live in Hollywood, California lol, so yes we have Juvenile Curfew laws.

It’s 10p.m and I THINK 11 or Midnight on Saturday, not sure.

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YES | UNDER 14 | 9:15PM-6AM | 10:15PM- 6AM
YES | 14–17 | 10:15PM-6AM | Midnight- 6AM

That is in Portland. But I don’t think it is ever enforced.

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I was just talking about this last Saturday with someone. From what I understand children under 17 must be inside by 10:00. I had no idea these laws existed. I guess it makes sense in cities with lots of crime and gang activity. I used to come home waaayyy later than that when I was a teen.

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I live in Australia so I did a bit of research and was shocked to find there is a curfew in Perth. I had no idea, though I don’t live in that city.

I also just realised I may have broken curfew laws when I was in the US, haha. Mind you, it was because no one wanted to accompany me to the theatre, and not because I was out loitering on street corners.

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There is, and I had no clue until I looked it up for this question. I’m actually not sure how I feel about this. I think parents should be making these decisions for their children. I know when I was a teenager, I was rarely home by 10PM (the weeknight curfew here). At least they give them until midnight on weekends. Still, I just don’t think it’s necessary.

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Malls have them here; no unchaperoned young people after a certain time. This was in response to ridiculous shoplifting rates.

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@Nullo While I’m not a huge fan of that, either, I can get behind privately owned businesses making their own curfews. I just don’t think a city/state should be doing it.

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@augustlan A year or two ago there was a spike in lesser crimes in the Delmar Loop, an area dedicated to shopping, tourism, and nightlife, brought on by the extension (and lousy ticket enforcement) of the light rail line into the bad parts of town. Basically, violently-minded kids in groups of about 100 would harass, assault, rob and otherwise endanger the visitors. University City imposed a curfew. I don’t know if it helped any I certainly avoided the place until things settled down, but I think that it was the kindest way for the city to address the issue.
That’s also when they started the mall curfews above. The same light rail line opened a station some 500 yards away from one of the area’s bigger, nicer malls, granting those same kids access that they didn’t have before.

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