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Which cartoon cat gets your vote as the champion of the animated felines?

Asked by ucme (46461points) October 5th, 2010

Amazing how no matter how hard I try, I can’t make this question look remotely intellectual :¬) I mean i’ve danced around trying desperately not to insert “favourite” in there. Never mind, it is what it is. So yeah, who’s your favour…....arrrrrrgh I said it. Sylvester or perhaps Tom. Maybe Garfield (spits on floor) or even good old Top Cat has your allegiance. I just don’t know you see. Enlighten me, as a small favour? Oh, almost forgot. My vote goes to this fella.

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I will have to put in a vote for Sylvester as well.

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Ah, you can’t beat Top Cat!!!

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What about Heathcliff and all the Disney cats?

My most favorite cartoon cat is Figaro from Pinocchio. My second fave is now Simon’s Cat.

Of your choices I’d have to say Garfield. Sylvester and Tom are idiots.

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I don’t think it’s quite what you’re looking for, but I adore the “Simon’s Cat”.

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Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse.

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@tinyfaery oooh yeah Simon’s cat is the tops. IT’s so hilarious and accurate.

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@tinyfaery You tell me, what about them? The ones I mentioned were meant as examples. Any cat may of course be included.

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I always liked Felix because he had a bag of tricks. I always wanted a bag of tricks.

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Thomas from Tom & Jerry, the early stuff……. 40’s / 50’s :-/

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@deni Simon’s Cat is the most accurate cat cartoon. He really knows cats.

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Jof in Cartoon Networks “What a Cartoon Show- Help!
It really cracks me up and this poor cat has to deal with so much before he can get a little help.

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Abraham de Lacy Giuseppe Casey Thomas O’Malley the Alley Cat.
Thomas O’Malley from Aristocats.

He’s the only cat of his kind.

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a new age cartoon cat! kinda different, but soo good

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Felix the Cat. (He’s a wonderful, wonderful cat)

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Garfield totally. He is able to influence the world around him through the sheer power of his laziness.

How AWESOME is that?

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Another fave of mine is this cool cat.

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Does Meowth(Team_Rocket) count? Maybe not my favour.. but sure makes me nostalgic.

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There are a lot of great answers here, my favorite of which is probably Felix. I’m also partial to a short comic that I found a couple of weeks ago called Party Cat. Not necessarily a champion, but still pretty funny.

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Sufferin’ Succotash!! – it’s gotta be Sylvester.

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From Chi’s sweet home.

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@cprevite That’ll be th ufferin & th uccotash!! I mean, lets get it right here :¬)

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Are you including stop-motion animation? I always had a soft spot for bagpuss

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@cubozoa Absolutely, whatever takes your fancy is in. Having said that, Bagpuss!?! God I hated that big saggy pink pussy…......ooh err missus!

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Mufasa from The Lion King…well, he’s a cat, of sorts!

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I’m lurvin Top Cat, but I do have an alliegence to Garfield as we share the exact same ‘birth date’ 19/06/1978!!

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@ucme: Thanks. I couldn’t figure out how to affect a lisp in text. :^)

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Hobbes What a great friend he is!

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@Pied_Pfeffer Hobbes for the win! How could I have forgotten?

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@sakura That’s my birthday (apart from the year) too!

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@cprevite Yeah, I can’t quite believe i’ve resorted to correcting someone on the pronounciation of a cartoon cat with a speech impedement!!! :¬D

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The Cat in the Hat FTW!!!

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Another Felix the cat vote.

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Another vote for Garfield here.

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I really like Attila, the cat from Mother Goose and Grimm. He’s just so funny looking. If you’re not familiar with him here he is at this link

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Duchess from Aristocats and Battlecat from He-man.

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Though I adore Top Cat, I gotta go with Hobbes. Good call @Pied_Pfeffer

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Hobbes. Yeah.

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Hobbes is, without question, the best.

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