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How long can I have my ear tapers out?

Asked by jabobo_11 (33points) October 5th, 2010

So I just gauged my ears on Sunday to a 14. All I have is the tapers and I have basketball practice tomorrow. I don’t know if I’m allowed to have them in during practice but if I am, can I put tape on them? If I can’t, how long can I have the taper out without the hole closing?

Thank you i don’t really know if my question makes sense but its hard to explain i guess.

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Its called ear stretching not gauging ears, gauges are the size of the taper/earring piece , :P ex: you’ve stretched your ears to 14gauge. May I asked if it was a painful process to insert them? If your ears were able to handle the taper without a problem, there is no fear for having your hole close up in only a short period during practice.

If not, you might experience swelling and discomfort for several days to a week. Does it hurt at the touch and is it now producing “funk”? (natural body healing solution). Make sure the hole stays clean before and after practice is over and wear normal sized earrings in the meantime so the hole will not close up. This is also prevent any harm to your ears during basketball practice – in case there is physical contact involved and your earring is removed or lost.

Oil your earlobes and earings with Bio-Oil to ensure you don’t have stretching scars and doubles as a lubricant. You can usually find this in any general store.

It reaallly depends on the person, their ear flexibility, and healing time to determine how fast the hole will completely heal over, if ever. – Hope this helps.

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If that is the way your doing it I would suggest getting a 14 stud to put in and cover with a bandaid cause it doesn’t take very long for it to shrink back to normal size.

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Uh no, it’s called gauging. Since your gauges are fairly small, it shouldn’t be a problem to have them out during practice. Just make sure to put them in when you’re done. If they feel a little tight, put some neosporin on them when you put them back in your ears. And make sure to wash your ears before you put them back in, just to be safe.

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