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Is it possible to rent a place in San Franscisco for $900-$1000/month?

Asked by VIP (63points) March 31st, 2008

I want to move to the city, but i have a relativily small housing budget. Can i get a decent place on this budget?

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The only think you’ll find for that price is going to be a)a room in a house or b)an in-law apartment.

Even my studio which is a steal I pay $1100. Also depends where you want to live. The further out from the center you live, the less expensive it’ll be. Look at and you’ll get a general idea of prices.

scamp's avatar is a good place to look. I checked and it looks like you might find something there.

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You sure can, and the easiest way to do it is with roommates.

Whatever you do, don’t get charmed by low-rents and live in the Tenderloin (or “lower Nob Hill”). Just trust me on this one….

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I paid $1000 per month for my first apartment in San Francisco, but that was two years ago. Even then, it was considered a steal. Since the housing market has deflated, fewer people are buying/more people are renting, so prices in the city have gone up.

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I got a studio in the tenderloin for $600/month a few years ago. There were hookers and drug dealers hanging out on the front stairs, crazy people yelling and fighting at all hours, fire alarms in the middle of the night where we all had to evacuate, and a murder/rape in the laundry room. Trust me, you REALLY don’t want to live there!!!

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If you are going to live in The City ‘forever’ you should stretch your budget to the max. The apartment I am in now (2 bed, 1 1/2 ba, parking, 38/31 muni, outer richmond) was $900 when I rented it 17 years ago. That was 50% of my takehome and I had a child so it was very tight. With rent control it is $1150 today. New tenants in the building pay $2500. If I wanted to take on a roommate my part would be about $600-but why take on the hassle? The downside-gold shag carpet and a ‘Brady Bunch’ orange kitchen.

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You could try to get a live-in position where you take care of an elderly or handicapped person, or a room mate situation, but I sincerely doubt your will find an apartment alone for that amount.

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